Another rumor on WWE bringing back former talent

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Shelton is likely in my opinion. MVP obviously not so much if he is under contract. Not even sure on if Low Ki would want to come back.

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  2. I can understand bringing back former midcard talent to solve roster depth issues and work with new guys, but to draw? :dafuq:

    Still, would love to see all of the guys mentioned there back.
  3. I would mark for a Shelton Benjamin return, not so much for MVP, overrated IMO. Low Ki would also be nice to see, but they really f'd up his run in the WWE, so at this point I'm just like forget it. The guy was an amazing talent and he could have been used so much better. I don't think WWE wanted him to win NXT, so the buried him on Smackdown, which was pretty cruel IMO. They gave Barrett a damn good push with the Nexus and then they did that to Kaval, it didn't add up to me.
  4. Is low ki gonna wear his suit?
  5. I heard creative simply told Kaval they had nothing for him so he decided to leave. One way or another, it sucks.
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