Another Rumored Name For WWE’s 2013 Hall Of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 22, 2012.

  2. Just me who'd love Warrior to have a short rumble appearance? Charge in the ring in his own coke inspired way shake the ropes hit a few power moves before giving a young heel a slight rub by eliminating him before going in. JBL should go in also, his mic work was incredible.
  3. JBL, the hall of fame God. Don't know about Warrior though, who would induct him?
  4. I suppose one of the old guard such as Dibiase.
  5. Warrior would probably no sell been eliminated and jump back in the ring. :dawg:
  6. Yeah, or he'd only accept working the match if he won or if Vince showered him with some millions of dollars. I wonder why Backlund refused the induction though, I heard he thought he had one more run in him.
  7. One of the voices...........

    His induction speech would be amazing. Incoherent, but amazing.

  8. Lovely to see Foley and Bob, Cloud and Leo will be marking hard.
  9. Heather slater for 2038 Hall of fame - Legendary jobber.
  10. No way would Dibiese agree to induct Warrior. They don't care for each other and Dibiese said two years ago (when Warrior was considered for the HOF back then) that he doesn't believe that Warrior is deserving of it. This prompted Warrior to explode into a pretty funny rant tearing Dibiese apart on his website.

    I don't know who could induct the Warrior. But then, he declined the offer before and would probably do so again, as he thinks he's clearly above the HOF (he is technically, considering what a joke it is.)
  11. Ultimate Warrior to make it to the final two in the Rumble. :troll:
  12. Ultimate Warrior to win Royal Rumble and fight The Rock at Wrestlemania for the WWE Championship :yay: Which Ultimate Warrior wins and keeps the championship until he dies.
  13. Probably a much better scenario than Cena winning the belt again.
  14. i think it's a bit soon for JBL to go in :hmm:
  15. Yeah, I think JBL could wait one or two more years before being inducted.
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