Rumor Another Superstar Shake-up?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Grievous II, Jul 28, 2017.

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    WWE may be thinking of doing another Superstar Shake-Up after SummerSlam

    WWE to hold another Superstar Shake-Up after SummerSlam? - Diva Dirt

    WWE Wrestling News, Rumors, Results & Spoilers | Report: WWE Planning Another Superstar Shakeup After SummerSlam would seem too soon for another "draft" right?

    Unless the plan is just to draft more stars from NXT?

    What do you guy think?

    Any roster changes you'd like to see already?

    Hardyz to SmackDown?

    Orton to RAW?

    Lana to NXT?

    Emma to SmackDown? (Please)

    Carmella to RAW?

    Dana Brooke to NXT?

    Thoughts, Opinions, them...
  2. Considering that the last shakeup was absolutely awful all things considered, I wouldn't be too excited. Who knows, maybe they'll do something right, but most likely not
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  3. Well, the most exciting thing is that supposedly stars can go from the main roster to NXT. If guys like Ziggler who need a bit of rejuvenation head down to NXT and get more freedom it could be awesome to see.

    As for stars going from RAW to SD. Terrible idea. If you switch guys it will basically reset the roster to how it was at the start of the year before the first shake up. Guys who went from SD-RAW like Wyatt could just go back to their old brand. What's the point?
  4. it would allow those who were elevated to early to possibly
    have a "career reset" and spend more much needed time in developmental.

    Its an interesting thought as the only way it could make sense if those
    traded hadn't already been involved in long term feuds with main
    members of the opposing roster.

    So...for couldn't move Sasha Banks or Bayley to
    SmackDown...because of their recent history with Charlotte...even
    with the Queen now being written as a face.

    There would really only be a select few who could be moved and
    it not seem redundant or pointless.

    I could go over the rosters and work out who these people would
    be...but...I don't feel like it.

    I guess for me personally I'm kind of excited about the possibility
    of some of the female NXT talent being drafted after SummerSlam...

    Mainly Asuka (if they really do take the belt off her), Peyton Royce,
    Bille Kay & Liv Morgan.

    I think the divisions on both brands need a shot in the arm and some
    fresh faces always help that.

    Plus it would give the company more bodies to work with on the Live
  5. I couldn't find myself getting too excited about it so early after the first one. And the first one was really poorly executed.
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  6. I feel like they could tie in a shake up better if it was a storyline. For example Shane McMahon and Kurt Angle cross paths at Summerslam. They talk business behind closed doors and work out a few trade deals instead of just a random "shake up"
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  7. I wish they'd bring back trading people man. If you do two shake ups a year, no one becomes known as a "Raw guy" or a "Smackdown guy". They're just guys which completely destroys the reason they have the brand split in the first place imo. Just have one or two trades every few months for the guys you need on different brands and it helps to build everything up imo
  8. Based on the last one....

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  9. There is no shakeup planned until after Wrestlemania.
  10. I would love for them to bring up a few women to the main roster because the small roster size has led to not enough feud possibilities. I just hope they don't screw it up, because they can't even seem to book the people that they have now (Emma, Mickie James)
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  11. Most likely, this shakeup is going to be a "NXT Draft." What RAW/Smackdown really needs is a diverse roster of NEW STARS.
  12. Honestly, I wouldn't change the roster too much (mostly callups). If they do a few trades that would be fine.

    Maybe like Orton for Rollins or Balor
    Then a lower level guy like Enzo or maybe bring Kalisto back over (reform Lucha Dragons to add to SD tag division) in exchange for Jason Jordan.

    Females I would trade Emma for Nikki Bella. Nikki part time so she's barely used so it doesn't matter if she's not used on Raw, since they are focused on the main four, and move Emma to SD so she can be used. If they wanted to call up some females they could bring up Billie Kay and Peyton Royce to SD and Asuka to Raw. They should have an influx of female talent soon to fill up the void in the division.

    Male call-ups (if they want to) - You could bring up Bobby Roode to SD when he's ready. I would bring Aleister Black on Raw. I would also Hideo on Raw in the CW division to try to build it up more.

    Back down to NXT - The Ascension (they need a restart). Maybe someone like Ziggler who's going nowhere and can help the newer wrestlers build up down there. He could also work in the Main Event scene in Roode's absence until they build up a star to fill it.
  13. Yes...Orton for either Rollins or Balor would be great...

    Yes to all of this! Although I'd much rather see Asuka on SmackDown...having Emma,
    Peyton Royce & Billie Kay all on the same brand as a faction would be Awesome!


    My list would be...

    Apollo Crews
    Darren Young
    Enzo Amore

    Dana Brooke
    Nia Jax (Not going to happen but I think it should)

    The Ascension
    Mike & Maria Kanellis

    I find the idea of Ziggler being in NXT strange...but it could work wonders for
    Dolph and NXT if done right.

    At the moment its just a rumor...but I only think its fair that if NXT stars get
    called up...they are replaced by those on the main roster who aren't getting
    any TV time or match time at house shows.
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  14. I would also prefer Asuka to be on SD, but I think that Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, and Emma (who I think would work well as a stable as well which would get them some screen time) will have a better chance of getting booked on SD than on Raw. With all that talent moving to SD, Raw would need someone as well which is why I'd put Asuka there. She would more than likely be booked well on either show (as I type that I fear that they will utterly screw her up on the main roster).
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  15. I share your fears...

  16. Ryan Ward to Smackdown please

    Until that happens nothing else matters

    Maybe DZ to NXT
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