Another TNA Veteran Reportedly Leaving Soon

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  1. WrestlingInc:

    Brian Fritz of Sporting News reported on Twitter that James Storm is leaving TNA. Storm reportedly asked for his release and he will be gone Sunday's Slammiversary pay-per-view. We noted before that Magnus is also scheduled to leave TNA after tomorrow's event.

    Fritz tweeted:

    Not surprised. Heard Aries' contract is up shortly after Slammiversary, as well.
  2. Hmm shame. I was enjoying that storyline betwen them two.
  3. Backstage News On Magnus And James Storm Leaving TNA, Skepticism Over Possible GFW Invasion

  4. James Storm And Magnus Still Working For TNA?

    - While tweeting during Slammiversary tonight, TNA President Dixie Carter was asked about the "major stars" leaving the company, to which she replied, "they are not leaving. Will still be working for us." She also said that both James Storm and Magnus are scheduled for next month's Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando.

    It should be noted that Storm re-tweeted the photo below on Saturday:
  5. He's probably going to GFW and gonna do some gay invasion angle.
  6. It's all a work, how innovative.
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