Another top TNA star injured

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Dec 10, 2012.

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  2. Guy really needs to retire in my opinion.
  3. Or just take time off, get in the booth or gut check, and possibly consider the idea of resting his injuries. Angle is such a beast, dude is going to be in a wheelchair by the time he retires.
  4. With so many injuries in such a short time retiring Kurt sounds very good in my mind.
  5. Also from Kurt's twitter:

    No Kurt, rest. Rest god damnit or you will implode.

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  6. Angle getting injured and working through it? As surprised as every time AJ vs Daniels is announced.
  7. Of course he's working through it, and of course the girly men scream for him to retire. Kurt will probably just become a drug addicted schmuck when he retires... so let him wrestle until he has to be carted out in a wheelbarrow, who cares? It's his life, and this is what he loves.
  8. Re: RE: Another top TNA star injured

    This, he's one of their best talents still retirement isn't the solution rest is.
  9. I agree about him being the Gutcheck judge. It'd make total sense, and would be even more legit than it already is.
  10. Hope he gets better soon, needs to stay in the ring less, he isn't young anymore....or hasn't been for a good while. :angle:
  11. I'll agree that he could wrestle less. Fuck TV and house show matches... let him build towards PPV matches on Impact with promos and backstage segments and just have him go ape shit 12 times a year on PPV.

    That's the move
  12. When is he not injured? [​IMG]
  13. Little known fact: He won the gold medal back in '96 with a broken (freakin) neck
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  14. The following message is brought to you by Keerg Angle! [​IMG]

    My name is Kurt Angle and What The Heck!
    I won a Gold Medal with a broken fricken neck!
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  15. I was there for that rap battle, good memories.
  16. Haha, awesome.:dawg:
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