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    *The usual boos from the audience fill up the arena as the tick tocks begin to signal Buster's appearance. He walks out onto the stage suited up as expected, sunglasses on and Undisputed Championship over his shoulder. Reginald, also suited up follows him out onto the stage. The two men make their way down to the ring and enter. Reginald is carrying a new white microphone which matches Buster's white suit. The initials "BG" are engraved onto the side. They stand side by side. Reginald takes a step forward to speak.*
    Reginald: Ladies and gentlemen, your Undisputed Champion of the WORLD has arrived. Please, show a little respect!
    *This aggravates the audience even more. Reginald passes the microphone to Buster who takes off his sunglasses. He looks around the arena as boos continue to pile in.*
    Buster Gates: Boo me! Is this the best you've got?
    *It indeed was not, as Buster quickly found out. He laughs.*
    Buster Gates: As much as I want to be in this inbred toenail of a city, you might...
    *Boos become overpowering.*
    Buster Gates: You might have realised that...
    *Buster continues to be drowned out by the boos.*
    *Reginald taps Buster on the shoulder and tells him to calm down with the language. Buster is visibly pissed.*
    Buster Gates: Mistake number one was deciding to come here in the first place. Mistake number two was telling you to boo me. I'll take responsibility on that one. You people are too stupid to realise when you're getting played. Don't make me make another mistake by buying this arena and turning it into something more appealing like a giant waste disposal unit. Dumping shit in a town made of shit only adds to the problem.
    *Boos do soften down, but to the usual levels for when Buster is in the ring.*
    Buster Gates: Now as I was saying... You might have realised that I've been put into a three way match this week against two idiots who think they have a right to stand in this ring with me. You might also realise that we're only one week away from Fully Loaded, and guess what? I don't have a challenger for my title. Well... I have an announcement to make about that. You see, as you all already know, i'm a man of my word. What I say, happens. I've never told you anything that I haven't delivered on so, since I already told you that I would be holding onto this title...
    *Buster taps the belt.*
    Buster Gates: ... Forever, i'm keeping to my word. I WILL NOT be defending my championship at this upcoming event. There isn't a single person in that entire locker room that deserves to face me. Not one person. All the lowlife scumbags who wrestle for this company are beneath me. Undeserving and unneeded. I already know for a fact that this show would be better if instead of having matches, I just showed a picture of my face on the screen for two hours straight, but you people don't even deserve to look at me for such a long period of time. You aren't worthy.
    *The boos regain their original volume of earlier.*
    Buster Gates: I DIDN'T SAY I WAS FINISHED!
    *Buster walks forward and points straight at the camera.*
    Buster Gates: So, since i'll be on temporary leave next week, I've also decided that it isn't worth wasting my efforts in a match this week either, so i'm not going to bother. Instead, I've decided that i'll be the special referee! And by me I mean Reginald as there's no way i'm going to be jumping down onto my knees to count pinfalls, aha! No way! But I will be standing outside the ring, "admiring" the "talent" on display.
    *Buster smiles.*
    Buster Gates: Well, i'm afraid that's all the time I can be bothered to spend out here. You'll enjoy seeing me again soon.
    *Buster's music hits. He passes the microphone back to Reginald and begins walking towards the ropes to exit. As he does so, his music stops and the lights in the arena go out...*

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    Once the arena lights go out, the crowd remain confused at what was occurring; the same goes for Reginald and Buster. After a few more moments, though, the lights come back on. However, Buster and Reginald have a guest. Standing before them is the 5'9" body of TWF's resident superhero. The Blade stands before the pair in his signature "Super Pose" as the crowd erupt in a flurry of cheers and chants for Blade. On the other side of the ring, Buster looks far from happy. Reginald is attempting to tell him to leave and just ignore him, but Buster is too selfish to let Blade outshine him. He charges the superhero and attempts to clothesline him, but Blade ducks it. He then turns and proceeds to connect on Buster with a flurry of jabs and strikes to the body. The world champion manages to grab Blade by his mask, but two quick kicks from the masked hero stops that immediately. Buster scrambles backward after the kicks, which leaves him open for Blade to hit his signature Blade Boot, sending Buster tumbling out of the ring. The crowd is on fire as Blade stands victorious in the ring. Meanwhile, Buster is having a fit on the outside of the ring, having just been taken out by a much smaller adversary. Reginald is trying his best to keep the champ composed, but he isn't doing too well at it. As Buster and Reginald are on the outside, The Blade is standing in the ring, soaking in the warm reception from the fans. The segment ends with Buster and Reginald standing at the top of the ramp, staring down their newest foe.

    -End Segment-
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