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  1. "Antinatalism is a philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth, standing in opposition to natalism," Basically people against people bringing other people into the world just to suffer. Pessimistic existentialism but not entirely nihilism as some sense of morality would have to be there. I think it's a pretty interesting concept, I can sort've understand this mindset under some circumstances. Like a child being born into poverty or abusive family. However if the parents are well-off and well adjusted people who are ready to have a child I don't understand the argument. I'm still trying to wrap my head around this concept so that's why I made a thread to throw around some theories and suspicions.

    Antinatalism • r/antinatalism
  2. So these are the people who hate kids and hate the idea of being parents? This is a new term to me. I can't keep up with these anti-anythings anymore.
    To me, this sounds like a personal choice. If one decides to not have kids for any reason, they shouldn't be shamed for it just like people wanting them shouldn't be shamed.

    Am I missing something? Why is a personal choice suddenly being anti-something or pro-something?
    It isn't like my personal choice to love cats effects anyon-... Bad example.
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  3. There are some graphic images in this video but I think it sums this up.

    I understand not wanting kids for various reasons...
    But I don't understand the extreme end of this. This thinking feels like the ultimate pessimistic ideology there is.
  4. Oh...I thought this thread was a discussion about
    those who don't like Natalya and are pissed about
    her finally winning a women's championship.

    I'll just see myself out...
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  5. Some people shouldn't reproduce, like a certain president.

    But jokes aside, like snake said its a purely personal choice and the fact that there are people out there advocating or shaming people who don't agree with this makes me question how they got THAT much free time in their hands.
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    This sort of thing is an example of how people today have a habit of starting some sort of group or movement when anyone does something that they don't agree with or personally like, and they try to make a big deal out of it.

    I guess these people don't like children so nobody can have children. They're not wrong that the world is a pretty messed up place right now, and that the actions of previous generations have left an incredible burden on current generations, but this is absolutely the wrong way to do things. I don't plan on having children, because I'm not prepared financially for a child, all of the physical things that come with carrying a child and then childbirth itself, and then I'm not sure if I could handle the tangible and emotional responsibilities of being a mother. But you know what I'm gonna do? It's simple - not have children. I'm not gonna go start some movement about it.

    Also just remembered something after the fact. Some place like Japan (still to this day I believe) have a negative birthrate, more people die in Japan than are born. Surely that's how a society progresses right?

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