Antonio Caesro And Zeb Coulter Thoughts?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lockard 23, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. Didn't see a thread on this, which is surprising...

    Anyway, we all pretty much agree that Zeb Coulter is valuable on the mic and that the "racist/xenophobia" gimmick is interesting (kind of, they can't really take it as far as they could of in the old days where calling people wetbacks and Kunta Kinte was acceptable for a heel to do) but Jack Swagger just seemed like a mundane person to use for it. One person suggested in place of Swagger was Antonio Caesro, and whatdoyouknow, they debuted Caesro as having Coulter as a manager last night. Don't recall what happened to Swagger, but apparently he's been dumped.

    Thoughts on this? I'm personally indifferent towards it at the moment but I'd let it play out. Caesro has only ever cut one memorable promo IMO, and while he has Zeb as a manager to do most of the talking, it wouldn't hurt for the wrestler themselves to speak now and again. They did plenty back in the early WWF days when just about every heel had a manager.
  2. I honestly don't like it one bit because when Swagger returns they're going to end up being a generic tag team like the Rhodes Scholars are now. Cesaro in my opinion is greater than that and I honestly don't think he needed a mouthpiece because he was improving on the mic. The only thing I can see coming out of this is if Swagger returns to fight Cesaro instead of aligning with him, but still I'd rather see Cesaro coming out on top.
  3. I didn't even anticipate them being tag team partners. What a shit duo they would make as I sense no chemistry there. I just figured they'd dropped Swagger because they were displeased with him not getting over with the gimmick and wanted to try it with someone else.
  4. The reason Swagger isn't around is because he has a court date for a speeding ticket and being found with a small amount of MJ in his car a while back. They took him off the road until after the court date.

    I think they'll work as a stable. Great managers can handle multiple talents at once.
  5. When I heard about it I thought "what the heck are they doing?"
  6. It doesn't make any logical sense to give Cesaro this gimmick. He just went from one anti-American gimmick to another American gimmick with a racist and seclusive twist. I wish Cesaro was on his own without Coulter.
  7. His gimmick was never anti-America. It was anti-the American people. Same as with Coulter who also hates on negative aspects of the American people. Cesaro is all the things Zeb Coulter wants in a person not born in the states. Well read/educated, hard working and who came over legally. It makes a lot of sense if you analyze the characters.
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  8. I thought of this as well when Michael Cole and Lawler were calling Coulter a hypocrite for recruiting Caesro and JBL was the logical one defending him otherwise. If anything, it adds an interesting twist, having an American team with a non-American who has just the right combination of American values to fit Zeb's worldview of what a true American is. I still don't foresee them having chemistry with each other and I don't like Swagger but we'll see.
  9. Cesaro is just the Über Mensch. He'll divide and conquer.

    And if Swagger doesn't work out: dump him, bring up Kassius Ohno and reform the Kings of Wrestling.
  10. I see Swagger blending well with Antonio in ring tbh, both are very able workers having the quick tags between them as they dominate a face team is a basic but well tested formula.
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  11. ^That's what I think as well. Cesaro and Swagger will gel better than most people think as characters. I'd have no problem putting the tag belts on the two of them. They could have an interesting run.
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  12. It's brilliant. I love seeing them together, no matter how hypocritical it is for Cesaro. :haha:
  13. I love it. Perfect match for the reasons Stop mentioned. People doubting the cohesiveness of the gimmicks don't pay close enough attention. I wanted to jack slap Cole last night when he was talking out of his ass.
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  14. I was glad to see that. Cesaro has been needing a mouthpiece, and Zeb is a perfect choice. Antonio's in ring skills are amazing no doubt, but his promos were always bland. Adding Zeb not only adds great heat, but it adds that small argument with the IWC like we had in this thread. The whole Cesaro is not an American, but he has the true American aspects is what makes a great twist to the duo. As for Cesaro and Swagger, I think they'll do fine as a team. With a tag team line going from Team Hell No, to the Shield, if they become a team, they can still carry the titles to hold the same prestige as long as they continue to get heat. They should give both the wrestlers a bit of mic time as well, not to much, but just enough to not make them look like total tools to Zeb.

  15. And it has a name people.
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  16. :hmm: Not bad, so I'm assuming he's going for a military kind of role? Zeb being the sergeant in arms and Cesaro and Swagger being the soldiers. Honestly, as long as they get tons of wins, it sounds like a pretty badass idea :obama:
  17. I'm more thinking neighborhood watch style militia instead of down right military. since a militia is a fighting force of civilians.
  18. I wanted camouflage :sad1:

  19. Zeb rocks like desert camo doesn't he? It looks military influenced with his jacket anyway so you may get your wish.
  20. Cesaro does have a kick ass beret.
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