Antonio Cesaro and Aksana

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  1. Last night, on Smackdown, Antonio broke up with Aksana in FIVE different languages. :pity:
  2. Fail editing. :pity:
    Antonio is going to team up with me very soon.
  3. Yeah, it was interesting actually. Curious to see where this ends.
  4. That's cool. He's smart.
  5. Aksana's single? Seems I will go comfort my fellow European.
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  7. would still bang. Either she'd have to have make up on or a paper bag. I'm sure Rhodes has a ton I can borrow
  8. She doesn't look too nice in that pictor.
  9. I preferred her blonde.
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  10. She's Lithuanian of course she would look better blonde. One of the countries known to export mail order brides.
  11. I would just seriously pass on Askana I don't know why, she just doesn't do it for me. :cry:
  12. I lol'd when he broke up with her :win: such a boss
  13. Wow! Wait!

    You mean she doesn't look as hot when she's not made-up with her hair done just right and the lighting is fluorescent?

    Brilliant deduction, Watson.

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  14. This made me lol, so hard. :dawg:
  15. :urm: She doesn't do anything for me-but I also don't go like that either-VERY STRAIGHTARROW"
    Yes, I think he's smart. I like it that he can speak 5 different languages-me I can speak 3 and currently learning 2 more-I speak my native tongue English,I speak Sign Language, and also SPANISH.
    Currently learning GERMAN and CHINESE-German because my mom's side of the family descends from Germany and most of my family speaks a little bit of German-so I want to eventually surprise them with being able to say something in German.
    Chinese because I have adopted chinese sisters and brothers that work in a chinese restaurant I attend sometimes and they are trying to help teach me chinese so that we can talk in chinese with each other.

    So I like it that he's smart,I just don't like the way he dumped Aksana,just like DB did with AJ-it was just plain mean. But I wouldn't mind him tagging up with Punk-he's not too bad of an athlete,and who knows?maybe Punk can teach him a little more cool wrestling moves-let's see what he's got" when the time comes.
  16. I'm going To Team up with you soon ok Partner


    you welcome
  17. Antonio can openly join my stable if he chooses.
  18. some Times Love come and goes. don't reash love love come fine you.I hav been hurt before
  19. Uh!! :bully:
  20. And it just got interesting too... :sad:
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