Antonio Cesaro and his US title

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Says no American will beat him.

    So are we having a Gabriel, a Kidd, a Barrett beat him?

    What do you think?
  2. Dont see it being Barrett as seems a step down plus he's not a yank?

    If anyone maybe Kidd good way to step him up but id love it on Gabriel as well.
  3. USA Guy should get called up and feud with Cesaro
  4. That's the point. Cesaro says: An American won't beat me for the title, and Barrett is from the UK, so it could be.

    Step down? Don't know.. Barrett beat Brodus, not really an ME match imo. :maybe:
  5. I get u bro but Barrett is bigger than the US belt in my eyes.

    An yeah jus realised the point of ur post bout the american part lols doh!!!!
  6. I don't know.. They could wait for the right moment and build him up like they did with Ziggler who is my no. 1 pick for the WHC right now tbh.
  7. Yeah he needs a build but if i was giving him a title it'd be IC has more prestige to me US is bottom of the pile imo starter belt.
  8. Gabriel got beat at HIAC.

    Kidd got beat in an awesome main event match on a episode of NXT.

    Barrett is a heel. It is setting up the inevitable patriotic face taking him out.
  9. Kidd or USA guy please.
  10. :no:
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  11. I'd like to see someone that has barely any title history and TV time to get the championship, I think Tyson Kidd would fit it perfectly, if not him then bring in the USA Bateman.
  12. Him saying no American will beat him is just another reason for an American to actually beat him.
  13. Why not? You know his sexy level is over 999999%..

    Just look at the man

  14. USA guy > him
  15. Your opinion. :pity:
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  16. Fandango is unlikely since he reportedly has worked as a heel on house shows. Feuding him with Cesaro seems weird
  17. Didn't say he has to feud with Cesaro. :pity:
  18. Derrick Bateman will be the one to take him down with his new USA guy persona, it fits perfectly
  19. The patriotic All American American will come back as a face and bring the US title back on a US Champion for the first time since, well, he held it.
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