Antonio Cesaro gets a name change. INB4ROMANREIGNSBECOMESROMAN

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  1. - It appears WWE has dropped "Antonio" from Antonio Cesaro's name. His entire profile on the WWE roster page has been edited to reflect the name change and his Twitter name has been changed to just Cesaro also.
  2. lol... I've always just called him Cesaro anyway. But maybe they are doing this so they can separate him completely from the Real Americans and start that solo push he's been needing.
  3. should use his real name with Cesaro instead:

    Claudio Cesaro :emoji_slight_smile:
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  4. They should just call him Sir because he's the fucking man.
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  5. [Stephen]
    This is the correct answer. 10 points to you, sir.

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  6. It sounds weird without Antonio but I hope they like fit this into something. Zeb will be like "Antonio Cesaro will no longer be Antonio Cesaro. We are dropping Antonio because of it's spanish roots. Blah blah blah. He will now be known as Champ Cesaro."
  7. Sexy Cesaro :fap:
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  8. Cesaro Fap thread in 3.....2....
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  9. oh no. there can be only one.

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  10. Did he not get Cesaro chants on RAW (iirc)? Might be because of that.
  11. Come on? You can't deny this [​IMG]
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  12. Yea he did right before they went to break. He was over as fuck with that crowd, and the Real Americans are over in general. I think this whole slap swagger to motivate him shit will lead to him snapping on Cesaro and turning him face in the process.
  13. Swagger vs. Cesaro at 'Mania would be a pretty good match. But, that's my opinion :bodallas:
  14. I'd like to see Cesaro vs Sheamus 1 on 1
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  15. Cesaro will be the MVP at EC.
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  16. not much competition with the boring lot he is in there with
  17. I would love to see Cesaro do it to someone out on the chamber and spin him to the cage back and forth from one side to the other. I also wanna see Daniel Bryan get all high hoped on Orton. Daniel goes to the top of the chamber pod for a YESbutt (That's what I call his diving headbutt :burns:) and all of a sudden Cesaro out of nowhere with a Swiss Death but he doesn't go for Bryan right away. He like taunts and picks Orton up and goes for a Neutralizer but all of a sudden Christian hits a spear. OMG, I want as many spots as possible in this match.
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  18. Dumb name edit. Keep the name and just have JBL and Cole call him Cesaro.
  19. I could care less about his name at this point. I just want him to be a top guy.
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