Antonio Cesaro US Championship News

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Pretty awesome. How long would you keep him as US champ?
  2. I think he drops it at Mania unfortunately. I'd rather he dropped to someone better than Miz, but oh well. It's been a long feud at least. Not good, but long.
  3. Until ADR is done with Swags, then have Cesaro take the WHC. I just have a feeling that Zigs will cash in on Cena at WM.
  4. Ziggler can only cash in on the WHC. And they're definitely not ending a Wrestlemania with Ziggler reigning supreme as the last image of the show. They're not putting that kind of feather in his cap...
  5. They can easily forget that stipulation, they've done worse before. As for the lasting image thing, there was that cryptic message that Zigs losing streak was for a reason. We'll see.
  6. That cryptic message came from Meltzer didn't it?
  7. Did it? Nevermind :sad:
  8. That reason is one I assumed would be him finally cashing in on Del Rio, not Cena. Wouldn't look forward to it happening at Wrestlemania though, with the talks of Del Rio/Swagger in a rematch at Extreme Rules. Although it seems they're slowly hinting/building up towards it, with the two wrestling twice in as many weeks just recently, the first time where Ziggler even tried to cash in but failed...
  9. Ziggler can't cash in at mania, it will be disrespectful to the fans imo.
    Do they think the fans are that stupid to just forget about the stipulation?
  10. Yes,yes they do.
  11. Maybe MVP comes back and then beats Cesaro
  12. no, this can't be true. :sad:


  13. MVP coming back and feuding with Cesaro over the belt would actually be great for me since I'm a MVP mark, not happening, yes, but would like it. Well, I think he'll drop it at WM, not a fan of the decision, but also not sure who he could drop it to. Would want it to be a midcarder who would be used well as champ, but that's rare.
  14. Zigs going over on a victorious Cena or Rock at WM. Even I wouldn't bet on that
  15. I would keep the reign going because I would like to see current Swagger go against Cesaro because their gimmicks match up so well
  16. If he does drop it, god forbid to the Miz. I'd prefer to see it on Ryback at this point. I hope he goes for another belt, because he's a fantastic worker and an interesting character!
  17. I think he'll keep it at Mania' because after Sin Cara beating him on Main Event, I think they'll face off for the title at WM. Miz will likely be facing Barrett or Ziggler or no one. I would like to see Cesaro hold the belt for a year to be honest. He's doing a good job.
  18. He should keep it, at least for now, he definitely shouldn't drop it to Miz, there is absolutely nothing to gain from another Miz US title reign.

    I would agree with Dat Kid that a feud between Swagger and Cesaro over the US title would be great, considering their current Gimmicks, but obviously, one of them will have to turn heel.
  19. They're both heels! :mad2:
  20. I meant to say "Face", I was off. lol
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