Antonio Cesaro

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Dec 11, 2012.

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    It's obvious that he's going to be a big star and all, considering he's been in great matches recently and Main Evented on Tribute to the Troops. Is his 5 languages gimmick done or is it still going? I don't mind the anti-us gimmick at all.

    Also his uppercuts are god like. :mog:

  2. He's finally starting to get some alright heat, which is good. I like his gimmick, and I LOVE his in ring work.
  3. Same here.
    That back breaker was awesome tonight.
  4. Indeed. His uppercut is never gets old
  5. Such a great short match worker, I've not really seen him work anything that long but his matches on Raw are really entertaining. Destined for the ME IMO.
  6. Love him. Absolutely love him.

    Wish he'd use some of his other moves.
    The Alpamare Waterslide is amazing for example. Should be used more often

    In HD

    Or his Ricola bomb + the Thunderdrop variant.

    But I love Cesaro.
  7. I'm also a big fan. Excellent ring worker, I'm sure that as time goes by he'll keep adding (well, not adding, more like bringing back) moves to his moveset. He's not doing the 5 language thing so often, he just cuts promos in English insulting Americans and the last sentence is in another language or something, he's getting some heat. For once the US title is being used correctly.
  8. I wonder, when they finally bring Hero up, if they'll reform the Kings of Wrestling team. They were great together in ROH.
  9. The rumor mill says that it is not in the plans of the WWE of re uniting the Kings. Cesaro is being primed as a major singles star.
  10. This guy is amazing.
  11. Re: RE: Antonio Cesaro

    Expected Hero as the top guy tbh, kinda of shocked Claudio is getting this much faith.
  12. I don't think they're giving Hero enough credit. He's great on the mic, and has a ton of in-ring talent.
  13. I suspect Hero will also get a nice singles push when he debuts. He's already worked a mini program with Ricky Steamboat down in NXT (who has a lot of pull as a head trainer) and is now seemingly entering a program with Regal, who is a Triple H guy.
  14. Regal/Hero? Wow :fap:
  15. During last weeks episode the main event was Leo Kruger vs Tyson Kidd. Kruger has been rumored to be working with Ohno for a while. After Tyson won the match Ohno came down and attacked Kidd (stemming from a backstage confrontation between the two). Ohno and Kruger beat down Kidd in the ring. Regal, who spent the entire match talking well about Kidd came down to the ring and pulled him out of the ring, leading him up the ramp whilst staring down Ohno as the screen turned black.

    So we might wee a double feud with Ohno/Kruger vs Kidd/Regal
  16. Wow! I really have to start watching NXT. Regal/Hero sounds fun. :happy:
  17. Cesaro is a great ring worker, one of my favorites today. He is getting good heat, and I'm glad he's making the US Championship look at least decent. He is a pretty good champion, not the best, but he keeps improving, and as he improves so does the championship, so that is great all in it's own. Hope he gets the Intercontinental championship soon before going to be a main eventer.
  18. Really need to watch last week's NXT, just had such a busy week or so, sounds awesome. Not particularly fussed for Kruger but with Ohno/Regal/Kidd involved it's impossible for this to be anything other than epic.
  19. He's rumored to be supposed to hold the US title for a long time as it looks, like at least through Mania.
  20. I don;t mind it, as long as his gimmick continues to improve and he stays heel. The only thing he needs is a legit rivalry, but currently he is still making the championship look better since he's booked strong.
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