Antonio Cesaro

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. This man, He is a beast. He can carry the worst of opponents to good matches and has the strength of 2+ men. That gotch style neutralizer is unreal, That is Cesaro alone pulling men like Khali and Brodus Clay himself, There is no way for the opponent to help lift him up, He is a great wrestler and an awesome mic worker, I am not sure why he has not been pushed to the moon and back yet, What are you guys thoughts on him?

    He is a great wrestler, only second to Bryan. He deserves a World Title push.
  3. Cesaro's problem at the moment is that he's too damn good at putting people over for his own good. Many were in his situation before - Punk, Ziggler, Mysterio, Guerrero, he'll eventually get the push that he deseves.
  4. I'm not that big a fan of the guy, honestly I agree when WWE called him boring. His mic work does nothing for me, but maybe he's in the wrong role. Maybe he just needs some sort of character, you ROH fans can discuss that. Or maybe he can be in an actual feud so he can run someone down instead of spew a bunch of generic anti-american bullcrap nobody cares about.

    I'll give you this, whenever he's in a match that has enough time against competent opponents it always delivers in a big way. But there's a pretty large number of guys on the roster who can do that now. Oh, and his feats of strength are impressive too.
  5. I'd easily put him in the Top 5 wrestlers they have employed at the moment.
  6. I enjoy watching his matches. Dat European uppercut.......... :damn:
  7. One of the best wrestlers in the world
  8. He's a great in ring worker but the reason he hasn't been pushed is because he hasn't shown much as far as mic skills go. If that's his fault or WWE's for giving him a bad gimmick I can't say but yeah that's why.
  9. Meh. Not a huge fan of what WWE is doing with him. Well, they want to push Rybotch again when Cesaro deserves it more.
  10. He made a match with Khali interesting and that's all that needs to be said. Cesaro is arguably the best wrestler on the roster
  11. No he isn't.
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