Antonio Cesaro

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Danielson, Oct 7, 2013.

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    I've gone out on a limb for him before, but week in and week out he is doing some of the most impressive things that I've ever seen. Last night I found myself standing up and clapping when he pulled this off on Khali
    Battleground (open)

    Many of us think he will eventually be a main eventer in WWE

    What are some reasons why he may never make it to that spot?
  2. Massive, career-ending injury?

    Seriously, I can't think of any reason, outside of him going stupid and starting to take drugs constantly, that would keep Antonio Cesaro from eventually breaking through as a main event star in WWE. He's got a tremendous look, an exciting moveset, (by all reports) a Herculean work ethic, he gets a tremendous crowd reaction, and he's well regarded in the back. I can't picture him doing something that would cost him the dream. Only a freak occurrence could keep him from "the promised land".

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  3. Career end injury, And maybe lack of mic skills.

    He has a fantastic build and look which WWE like, He can get a good heel reaction and as a face the crowd would love him especially that swing, They could do what they did with CHIKARA and have them count how many seconds he swings them for. He is a fantastic worker and up there with the best, He could improve his mic skills as they leave much to be desired but I don't believe there is any reason he can't be WWE Champion, He is only a year into his Main Roster career so he is still pretty fresh to it, He has a good place right now and would love to see him and Swagger get a tag title run and if they decide to reunite KOW with Ohno even better, I would like him to stick around the mid card for a bit instead of mega pushing him this early.
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  4. Thanks for the responses Waco and Cactus. I was trying to find reasons why he wouldn't be a main eventer. His strength is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in the WWE

  5. Moment he does this he is a star for life.
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  6. What is he waiting for?
  7. Most likely a spot to open up. And I can see him saving the ufo for a moment when it will make the most impact. Right opponent, right time. This isn't the indies where you can do the tombstone as the second move in a match.
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing it the second move of the match.
  9. WWE wrestling is a TV medium. It tells stories, if you use the tombstone as the second move in a match and kick out, then what could possibly take said guy out? That's why a lot of independent wrestlers getting sent to WWE spend time in NXT. To learn to wrestle for TV and storytelling instead of doing balls to the wall matches. Cesaro is pretty good at wrestling "TV" style and has always been. And he knows that he needs to wait for the right moment to debut such a crowd pleaser move.
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  10. I was kidding dude. I understand all of that more than most. I was looking for reasons why he wouldn't get to the top because I think he has the most potential to be a star in the WWE.
  11. He'll be a solid addition to the WWE in the long run. I can see him being one of those solid hands who live in the upper midcard and serve in the main event when needed. He'll get a reign with the WHC at the least.
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  12. What makes me think he may not do it is the apparent lack of mic skills. If he can get through that, then no problems.
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  13. I agree with this, that's the only thing that may hold him back.
  14. I think his mic skills are fine. He'll never be a great talker, but there are plenty of guys who have had quality main event careers who were not great talkers (Orton, Goldberg, and Lesnar come immediately to mind). He doesn't need to sell a lot of his character on the mic as he can do it in the ring far more effectively, much like the guys I mentioned, also much like the characters of the Undertaker and Kane were built (even though both of those guys are far above average on the mic).

    If worse comes to worst, he continues to have a manager moving forward to do his talking for him. I don't think his mic skills will hold him back and I can see him being, as Stop suggested, the kind of guy who spends his career in the upper midcard and moves up to the main event on occasion (when needed). I have a feeling he'll end up being a Chris Jericho or Mick Foley type, which is far from a bad thing.

  15. Chris always had some gold, and Mick is one of the most respected wrestlers of all time. That'd be an honor to be in that class.
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  16. Absolutely. Those guys may not be in a class by themselves, but it sure doesn't take long to call roll.

    (Love the chance to paraphrase Darrell Royal. Hook 'em, Horns!)

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  17. Hemorrhoid
  18. The one big reason is WWE. Alot of the time they have gold talent or have someone who people actually want to see and then they no push them. So I think they may give him a WHC if he's lucky, which is a shame since he's amazing and deserves more TV time.
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