Any Americans here who still defend their gun laws?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 14, 2012.

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  1. Just by reading Piers Morgan's twitter over this last month or so, the amount of gun-related horror crimes that result in plenty of innocent people dying because of how easy it is to obtain lethal weaponry is staggering. Today, 18 or so kids died at a school right? Forgive me for not showering you with facts and an actual story, but it's the type of news I prefer to stay away from, but I know innocent children died today.

    I'm interested in discussing your gun law, and whether there is any American's here who still stand by your current system.
  2. I don't know much about the actual law, but there are so many easy ways to just get a gun illegally. Even if they do ban guns indefinitely, there's still are going to be guns...
  3. I'm sure gun laws will get much stricter in the near future.
  4. Naturally, which is why you strengthen the punishment by obtaining illegal weaponry. Even with people illegally having guns, there will be MUCH less if an efficient gun law was passed. Is it just a coincidence gun-crimes like these never ever happen in the UK?
  5. Inevitably, that's not the question though, lol.
  6. It's not that they want to ban guns... it's that they want to make it illegal to have assault weapons (i.e. high power, rapid fire weapons)
    You don't need an assault weapon to protect your home or to hunt animals, there's no need to have one unless you're in the military.

    In 2010, The UK had 14 deaths as a result of gun crime.
    In 2010, The USA has 8,900.
  7. Yup, exactly.
  8. Unless there would be a specific police force that would seek out all these illegal guns and their users, I don't see how gun problems would lower if they were made illegal to the common citizen. It would just make citizens defenseless. And I'm sure there are other reasons as to why UK doesn't suck as much as America.

    Again, I don't know much about the gun law or how one would even get one nor am I defending gun use. I'm just putting my thoughts out.
  9. It's not about banning guns, it's about banning lethal weaponry that ordinary citizens have no business owning. Automatic machine guns for example, lol.
  10. In that case, I agree.

    Ugh, I just hope things get better around here...

  11. After hearing about todays shooting in that primary school in Newton, CT where 27 kids have been shot dead I think Obama needs to ban guns in America. How many more lives have to be killed for something to be done about people owning guns???
  12. You're never going to be able to ban guns outright considering there's what like 60 million guns held in the US?

    Assault weapons need to be banned.
  13. Your facts are wrong. It was indeed 27 people who were shot, but only 18 of them were kids.

    Also, just banning guns just like that is not as easy as it may seem. Plus, what that murderer had today wasn't just a simple pistol, it was a M4 carbine. If you don't know what that is, it's an assault rifle. A weapon no common citizen has any business having.
  14. I doubt this restriction would work tbh, it seems to just be embedded into the American culture, like banning alcohol. Make it more difficult to obtain legally absolutely but just saying you can't get one is a difficult idea to police. Possibly make it like driving where you need multiple tests to get 1.
  15. They need to look into it an attempt something as there is obvs major issues with the law. Tbh tho no matter what u do there will always be guns about as i kno areas of the UK aint pristine nowadays but they usually only involve one person so is less high profile a news item.
  16. Higher restriction levels on firearms and a complete ban on automatic carbines/heavier stuff. Also include more security checks and mental testing are needed. Also it needs to become more high profile when it comes to the consequences of breaking these laws
  17. I agree with Stop although mental testing could be difficult as numerous cases are seemingly normal ppl who flip or snap for whatever reason.
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