Any Americans here?

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  1. Was browsing a few of the forums I'm apart of and most of them are wanting to vote for Ron Paul. So spent the last hour or so researching him and I'm quite impressed, so was wondering if any Americans here are old enough to vote, and if so who are you most likely going to vote for?
  2. I remember Kelly Clarkson writing on Twitter about how she wanted Ron Paul to win the the nomination for the Republican Party, but she said he probably wouldn’t.

    So I’m not American but if I was I would vote for Ron Paul because Kelly Clarkson said so!
  3. Haha fair enough. It's his third time running but everyone seems to love the guy now, rightfully so. He's been asked some horribly impossible questions but came out of them making the one asking the question look stupid.
  4. I've never really followed American politics however I dislike his stance on abortion. Everyone should have the right to a choice imo. Also why is he trying to remove the healthare bill? The NHS is a great system we have over here. Sure it's been exploited but it's still a phenomenal system. Just a neutral observation sure he has his good points. I just felt I should point out some of the negatives.
  5. I'm not voting for his dumbass, Mitt romney, as I can vote this year
  6. Which source did you get those policies from? I've yet to hear anything about those actually. I agree with your abortion and health care point, I don't think he'd retract the health care plan straight after it being implemented.

    Ron Paul is a libertarian, so he's all about freedom. He even wanted heroin/weed/cocaine etc to be legal because jailing someone for an addiction is ludicrous, which I completely agree with.
  7. The abortion issue :

    The healthcare bill :

    Note he said repeal the Obamacare bill.

    @[Mike.] Vote in Vermin Supreme for the good of the world.
  8. I think anyone Mike votes for should not receive a vote by any other human being.

    As for those policies, that's interesting. Would love to see him verbally explain those, might research some more.

  9. It's rather ironic his case for healthcare is choice yet he wants to take the right away from someone to make a choice whether they keep or abort a child. I'm not saying he's a bad guy just a typical politician.
  10. Haven't watched the second ne yet, but I disagree with him being a typical politician. He is for freedom, but he agrees with the "right for life" campaign, which I sort of understand why. A lot of US citizens are also in agreement that life to be terminated so easily is a problem.

    Also, the issue he raised in that first video wasn't about him saying abortion is wrong, it was about him saying abortion laws should be state lead, meaning states have their own laws on it like they do with murder, armed robberies etc. Which I also agree with, for UK citizens state laws is completely new to us, but over there it's something that's every-day. Which is right for a country its size.

    He's pro gay marriage, pro for weed getting legalized, pro for governments to stop raising taxes and spending it bombing Iraq and then spending more cleaning up Iraq because of what damage they caused bombing it. For a country in massive debt and in an economy crisis, he's definitely raising some fine points. His methods to getting out of the economy crisis had the experts (a group of them were interviewing him) in complete agreement. Most of the experts are saying the same thing, he's genuine. They had a professional body-language person analyse him. The result was that he was the only politician on display that generally believed what he was saying.

    Going to watch the second one now.
  11. A choice to what? Kill someone? @[seabs]
  12. I'm american, and, I can vote, but I'm not going to.

    The reason why I refuse to vote is because they are all cheese heads. No matter the party status, they will do what they want to do, not what we want them to do. They're all greedy basket cases. So therefore, I'm voting in the "Knuckleheads Rule"... Meaning that nothing will happen that I will like.
  13. That's an ignorant statement. Probably true for most parts, but I generally believe if you research enough about Ron Paul you'd see he's as genuine as you can get. Even if people react negative towards his policies, he continues to pitch them with real emotion. He's genuine, something that's extremely rare in a politician. We've not seen a genuine politician in the UK since Margaret Thatcher.
  14. Ron Paul believe life begins at conception so no one could have abortion basically. So he's taking away the right to choose.

    Here is more about an act he pushed forward .

    @[Crayo] Thatcher was genuine? I've heard many a word spoken about her but that has never been one. It could be because I've got family members who worked in the coal mining pits so as you can expect most of our family hate her.
  15. I agree with him.
  16. What about if a women was raped? Should she be forced to go through the distress of bringing a child to term? I'm not trying to flame or anything I'm just curious of what you think.
  17. An abortion debate could go on forever, the reply to your statement @[seabs] is "it's not the childs fault". Etc etc.

    And I don't really know thatcher personally (or relatively), just thought people said she was genuine lol.

    I don't really think him being pro-life is a reason against voting for him either, it's mainly for his stance on the economy, iraq, etc.
  18. Yeah I understand it is a viscous cycle of a debate. I was more curious why he felt that way by pointing out what I perceive to be a large flaw in the pro life logic. I'll leave it be as you say we could debate this all day.

    I wouldn't say it's a reason to not vote for him it's more of just pointing out what I consider a weakness with his policies. Isn't he trying to get America to be Isolationist also? Wouldn't that weaken trading a great deal? I mean America made $1.289 trillion according to wiki from exports in 2010 alone. If America isn't performing these exportations wouldn't that raise the price of the items they export since one less competitor exists?

    Good thread btw.
  19. @[seabs] Was going to say what Crayo mentioned, an abortion debate could go on for ages.
  20. No he's not making it into an isolationist country I don't think. He's being seen as one because he's the only candidate currently against the current war, and previous wars. His plan to fix the economy is pretty slick too. And yeah I don't even think it'd harm his campaign at all, him saying that abortion should be down to state law is him basically saying the government should not be involved as much as it is, which is right.

    Like he says legalizing drugs, you don't need the law to say not to use them, to not actually use them. I doubt he'll make America an isolated country, America relies so much on trade and is one of the major contributors in the world. I can't see any source saying he's against that.

    The press aren't keen for him to win either, did you notice the "subliminal" words in the background of his FOX interview? "Loser" and a picture of a thumb pointing downwards were repeatedly moving across the screen. Conspiracy stuff maybe, but just watch the video :emoji_slight_smile:. CNN tried to skip him multiple times in their public face-off for the candidates, until the crowd were chanting his name lol.