Football Any Aston Villa supporters?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Owen, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. Is anyone a Aston Villa fan on this forum? I am woop woop.
  2. Not a villa but curious to know how you think you'll do next season in the championship?
  3. relegated to league 1
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  4. Another villain here... we've just had a fantastic season, haven't we? Fuck Lerner, man...
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  5. I support Liverpool. Lost 1-0 to Villareall (dunno how you spell it.) in the Europa League..... however, we're gonna smash them at Anfield just like we did to Dortmund.

    Oh yeah, have fun in the championship.
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  6. I think he stopped giving a shit when Villa started finishing in the top ten. That was when he should of got out and made money, but obviously he's going to be losing money and he's going to drive the club to the ground if he doesn't get out quickly. Like Wigan perhaps, yet no matter how much money Lerner pumps in to Villa it'll still fail mainly due to him. If I were Lerner, sell it to a Chinese Business man, maybe even someone else from the east; but nobody from Europe or America.
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  7. we'll do bad unless we bring in some championship good players.
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