Any Chuck Taylor fans here?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by MsShield, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. I just got the Chuck Taylor dvd called Chuck Taylor "He tries his hardest" Its a great dvd. What are your favorite Chuck Taylor matches?
  2. Chuck is a true gentleman.
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  3. He's very overlooked by some fans, great and funny wrestler. Watch this:
  4. Hehe naw its an indy wrestler mate.
  5. oh do you mean indy like khali and jinder mahal
  6. naw like wrestlers who wrestle on the independent "indy" promotion circuit, like DGUSA, PWG, etc.. they're not as big as WWE or TNA but have pretty talented wrestlers on their rosters and most of the times that's where the bigger promotions sign their talent from.
  7. oh like the wreslers who wrestle 4 100$ a night

    lol do ppl actually watch that
  8. my dad said ppl who dont wrestle in wwe r losers nd dont have a edjication
  9. Oh yeah people watch the stuff all the time, there have been some epic matches that have not taken place within the WWE and TNA.

    I wouldn't say they're losers, I would say they're people who can't quite get into the bigger promotions yet because they have to work on their in-ring work skills, developing movesets and also improving/developing microphone skills.
  10. name 1 and ill give u a $

    if u cant be in wwe ur obviously doin somthing wrong
  11. Adam Cole, The Briscoe Brothers, Kevin Steen, The Young Bucks.. those are just a few.
    Sometimes the WWE just have a spot in their company due to having to many people of the same size and speed, or having too many high flyers at one time.. I can think of plenty of people that deserve one of their developmental roster spots in the NXT more than people like Aiden English, Tyler Breeze, CJ Parker, Colin Cassidy..
  12. nxt stopped areing back in 2010 wow ur stupid
  13. . . . Please tell me you're not serious right now?
  14. y wouldnt i b daniel bryan won then low key and then katelynn then off air
  15. NXT is most definitely still airing little man, you should check your facts before you call someone stupid.
    Bo Dallas is currently the NXT champ, The Ascension is the Current Tag Team Champs and Paige is the NXT Diva's Champ.
  16. bo dallas didnt he get released last year
  17. No, he's the current NXT Champ lol.. You're out of your element man, I've been watching FCW now NXT since it started :emoji_slight_smile:
    NXT is having their first live PPV as a part of the WWEN release next week: Bo v. Neville (Champ Match), Paige v. Emma (Champ Match), Cesaro v. Sami Zayn.

    All you need to know is there most definitely is still an NXT :emoji_slight_smile: and that Indy wrestling is great. You might wanna do some fact checking before you challenge people on this site everyone is pretty well educated about the business of wrestling on here :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. obviously u arnt if u thnk ppl outside of wwe and tna r good.
  19. K, Mr. NXT stopped airing in 2010 :emoji_slight_smile:
    You've never even heard of the independent circuit before, you thought I was talking about Khali and Jinder lmao. This is the best Punk'd episode I've ever been apart of!
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