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  1. So do we have any computer guru's amongst us?

    Got a minature project on the blend at the moment, but my limited skills have pretty much seen it come to an abrupt end. I'm trying to re-develop my website and look into the app department. Finding a developer that's skilled enough, trustworthy and likely to be able to complete the job without ripping me off has been incredibly hard. There just seems to be a lack of people into computing or with these kinds of skills to help me out, which is strange given that the online boom is probably the best 'trade' on the block with the way the world is turning.

    Can anybody help me out?

    If so could you please leave a message in here, or drop me a PM.
  2. You should have put here you need PHP, C++, Java, whatever else experience :emoji_wink:

    Tagging Solidus - he knows quite a bit about this.
  3. Thanking you kindly Jonathan.
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  4. I was the chief developer for Nasa 3 years running.
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  5. Shit, your my guy then. Do you have any developing skills?
  6. So, Java? More details please. If it's iOS, I probably won't take it, I've only worked with the Android SDK.
  7. I've been doing a Game Design course at school as an elective and so far I'm one of the top 3 students in scripting in Javascript and also the only one who's been able to do anything in C#. I also know Python aswell but I haven't bothered using it in a few years so I'll probably be terrible with it. I mainly use Javascript at the moment and I also am trying to learn C# at the moment.

    I've been doing 2D animations lately aswell and I'm trying to improve those and I hope to try 3D animation at some point in the future.

    And then there's all the stuff I learnt about Web Design and the code for that back when I was into hacking (Got pretty good with Php & HTML codes)
  8. Show me some of your PHP/HTML?
  9. If there's anybody who isn't developed you know where to go :ksi:
  10. Xanth
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