Any Doctor Who fans?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Massive fan here. Just realized, WWE massive fan and Doctor who massive fan... guys you would tell me if I was a nerd right?

    Nah can't be, I'm a football fanatic.

    Most weird combination ever.
  2. If you can't speak Klingon, you're not a nerd.

    I've never really watched Doctor Who, but I liked a few episodes when Tenant was in it.
  3. I'm fluent. :emoji_wink:

    Yeah he's my all time favourite I won't lie, but recently Doctor Who have been stepping it up again.
  4. Who is who?
  5. Such a derp Lith.
  6. I love Doctor Who, been a fan since it came back in 05'
  7. Been a fan since the Eccleston days and Matt Smith blew me away with his rendition. Looking forward to the new season like a giddy school child.
  8. Woooo this is an oldie lol. Anyway I was a fan during Ecclestone's series, watched on and off for Smith and Tennant. Keep meaning to get back into it.
  9. New season starts August 12. First episode revealed to be called Asylum of the Daleks.
  10. Can't wait for the new season, it seem's like a lifetime since it was last on.
  11. Made a note of that Stop, thanks.
  12. Doctor who?
  13. :upset: Doctor Who is all my boyfriend talks about...
  15. Doctor Who Fanboy. :win:
  16. I've watched a few episodes of it although I've never really liked it.
  17. lulz

    Boring show is boring.
  18. Too mainstream?