Games any football manager players on here?

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  1. How are those saves going? I'm currently on my 4th season now with the mighty middlesbrough it looks like another year of trying to avoid relegation at the minute
  2. Need to get back into it. Only play FM Handheld these days sadly, and I'm only currently in the middle of a save with Oxford United on FMH 2010
  3. Yes I used to always play the handheld version only just recently started playing the main version on my playstation vita its such a big step up lol
  4. I've been playing Football Manager since the 2007 edition, which I bloody loved.
    Since then, my interest slowly declined and now I just have random spats of playing the game. Right now, I'm thinking of playing it again, but as I've gotten older, I just feel like it's more of a waste of time. It's a shame because I had so much fun and spent so many hours playing it while I was in high school.
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  5. Football manager a major addiction of mine. Me an seabs had a thread somewhere in the old days.

    Anyways I always start abroad an I'm currently managing FH in Iceland. Winning the league is relatively easy as they are on of the bigger rep clubs there but Champions League is an absolute nightmare but I'm hoping with perseverance I will eventually get to the Knockouts or final stages.
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