Other Any Golf fans out here?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 18, 2015.

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  1. My whole family is into the shit and have been for years, personally I really didn't give two shits about it come 3 years ago but now adays.. I'm PURE sports entertainment and Golf has actually become watchable.. especially being where I'm at near the home place to the Memorial Tournament, arguably one of the biggest tournaments of the year.. Also a lot of money can be won from that shit (that statement is for you @Dolph'sZiggler not sure if that's something you dabble in when it comes to the betting aspect)..

    Idk just figured I see if there was anyone out there who watches it sometimes as well.. usually it's awesome background noise as well but I still take the time to keep up on some of the top dogs and the good up and comers.
  2. ewww, no.
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  3. I live on a golf course, the country club is literally about 8 houses down from mine. I even worked at the country club when I was a kid (first job), but I have never played golf!

    I feel like I should learn how to, but just never had much interest.
  4. Kinda/sorta. As you say whenever it's on it winds up being background noise.

    Still >>>> baseball
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  5. lolgolf
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  6. came for the cheap laugh.

    I golfed a lot when I was younger, honestly never liked the shit.
  7. Yeah I do live pretty close to a golf course and play whenever I have time to
  8. I golf a couple times a year with some guys from work.

    Never been much a fan though, mostly just go to get out with some friends and have good times.
  9. I went to he driving range a few times but never really played a game of golf. It just seems boring to me, driving range is alright though.
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