Any good autobiographies?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by LetMeTelYaSumthinMeanGene, Apr 16, 2014.

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  1. I'm just finishing up the book, Have a Nice Day! by Mick Foley. The only thing is that I believe he wrote it in 1999, so it leaves out a lot of stuff that I wanted to hear about from his point of view, like him and Edge and all that. I was thinking about picking up this Chris Jericho autobiography I saw, but I'm not sure. Perhaps I'll just get another Mick Foley book that he wrote more recently lol. Any suggestions?
  2. I recommened these autobiographies that I have read
    The Stone Cold Truth - Austin's book
    Lita: A less travelled road - the reality of Amy Dumas
    Death Clutch - Brock Lesnar's book
    Batista Unleashed - Dave Batista's book
    The Rock Says - Dwayne Johnson's book. He has tweeted about writing a second autobiography dont know when thats out though
  3. Eric Bischoff's book, "Controversy Creates Cash", is a good one. I also like how he doesn't waste a whole lot of time getting to the wrestling portions of his life and career. The most boring parts of these autobiographies is when they go on and on about their family life and their upbringing and childhood and whatnot, which I never really care for and tend to always skip over anyway. But Bischoff takes only a good thirty or so pages before his career in wrestling begins.

    Hulk Hogan's book from 2002 (just called "Hollywood Hulk Hogan") is an interesting read too, if you can weed through all the bullshit and lies that Hogan has laced in it throughout.

    Never read Chris Jericho's first autobiography, only his second one titled "How To Become World Champion In 1,372 Days." It picks up right where his previous one leaves off, right when Jericho is set to debut in the WWF. I found it to be a very worthwhile read except for the parts about Fozzy and his family life.

    Austin's book, "The Stone Cold Truth", and Flair's "To Be The Man" are also recommendable.
  4. When did he write this book? I am an MMA fan and was a big Lesnar fan when he was in the UFC. I want to know if he talks about that at all...Then again, I think the term "Death Clutch" came from his time in the UFC, so that might have been a stupid question lol
  5. His book was published June 2012 he wrote it with Paul Heyman. He talks about his college wrestling days, getting into WWE, all the WWE trouble when he wanted out of the company, his alcohol/painkiller addiction from the stress of the WWE schedule, marrying Rena, MMA career, his battle with diverticulitis. Brock really is out spoken in this book you should defintely get it and see for yourself
  6. I think I will
  7. I haven't read any but I have heard Jericho's 'A Lion's Tale: Around the world in spandex' is a good read.
    EDIT: And as for Mick's conflict with Edge, its covered (not in too much detail though) in Edge's DVD (

    This ( )seems to be a new DVD.

    I know its not the same as a book, but thought I'd put it out here :emoji_slight_smile:

    EDIT 2: Added the links.
  8. I remember I have a copy of a Shawn Michaels one. Good Read, Details his Childhood, Him starting in wrestling, The Rockers' First Run, Their Second run, The rocker breakup up and Shawn's solo run and when he came back from his short retirement in 2003 (And what he did during the retirement Phase.). I'll edit this post when I remember the name.
  9. Cool glad I persuaded you to get his book and im a Brock fan as well so its good to know theres anotther Brock fan on here
  10. Brock's was decent oddly enough. Regal has a good one out also, something similar to walking on the golden mile. Jericho's and Hart's are pretty fun also.
  11. I've read all of Foley's and will highly recommend them.

    Jericho's books were extremely entertaining, as were Flair's and Bischoff's. I actually haven't read "Death Clutch" yet, but it's in my nook library to be downloaded when I get around to it. I've heard from several places that it's a good book.

    I wasn't aware of a book by Lita, but I'll keep an eye out for it. Thanks, @BrockLesnarFanForLife

    I'm waiting with bated breath for books by Undertaker, Punk, Edge, and/or Christian from their current perspectives.

    The only problem I have with some of these books is when they're written "in-character" (which was a problem, if I'm recalling correctly, with Austin's and Rocky's books). Every wrestling fan in 2014 over the age of 8 (well....almost every wrestling fan) knows it's scripted and for it to be treated as if it were an actual competition comes across as insulting and juvenile.

  12. Your welcome Wacokid27 and not sure if Undertaker will ever do a book but he did do a video called 'This is is my yard'' a few years back as I got it and watched it and its great. Ive actually found it online heres the link
  13. That vid was alright, but I don't enjoy those as much. I hope he does a book (I've heard rumors that he wants to do one but is waiting to retire from in-ring competition to do so), and I think it would be very well-received, particularly if he included stuff from his days in WCCW, CWA, etc., particularly his work with Dutch Mantell.

  14. Yeah I would love it if he did a book but hes a private person so he may not
  15. Foley has 3 other autobiographies.. Foley is Good (2002), Hardcore Diaries (2008), and Countdown to Lockdown (2010).. all excellent reads.
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  16. What does he touch up on in the book, Countdown to Lockdown?
  17. From Amazon.. " Professional wrestler Foley is also the author of the number-one New York Times best-seller Have a Nice Day! (2000). This is his account of the 34 days leading up to his emergence from retirement and debut with a new wrestling organization. It’s a chronicle of training, injuries, and rehab. But it’s also a collection of anecdotes about the wrestling world—including a few about controversial impresario Vince McMahon—musings about the use of steroids in the sport, and accounts of charity work in Sierra Leone and Foley’s relationship with Paul “Wolfie” Wolfowitz. Yes, that Paul Wolfowitz. Though the audience for Foley’s writing is primarily the huge wrestling fan base, readers who don’t care a whit about the spectacle will be entertained by a surprisingly sophisticated man with a variety of opinions about the world around him. The book satisfies on a number of levels (particularly Foley’s self-deprecating humor) and will likely draw significant interest."

    I can't remember any of them myself as I read them when they first came out lol... makes me want to reread them.. which I probably will very soon. =)
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