Any members dreamt about WWE Forums?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Or the members specifically from WWE Forums?

    Posting this because I did last night. Fucking Lady Deathbane of all people (inb4 creep comments). In my dream I was with a few girls trying to hook up, and naturally when you're flirting you're conscious of not being embarrassed and stuff. So out of no where, Lady Deathbane appears. I recognise her and instantly anxious as hell as this internet girl out of no where (like a typical RKO) appears and starts being all internet-y around these girls I'm trying to impress.

    She comes out like "Omg hi Crayo!" - instantly embarrassed. No one knows me as Crayo outside of the internet. Then I'm like whispering "wtf go away Jen", and she suddenly comes out with tons of Randy (Gohan) quotes. She replied with "OH HELL NO", to which I replied with "None of these people get it jen, omg just go, how did you even find me?", and then she replies "I OWNLY LIKE WOMEN". This went on for ages, and she was cracking up, and the other girls went away. She ruined my hook up. Bitch.

    So, any of you had similar experiences?
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  2. I'm even just as awesome in your dreams. Fuck yeah!!!
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  3. I dreamt about us before,we had a 3 way with Ambrose.
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  4. Not a dream
  5. That was a funny read!

    No, I haven't had a dream involving WF. :emoji_grin:
  6. Why did you leave before saying goodbye?:aries:
  7. Just remembered another scene from the dream, and I'm cracking up. She came back after a while (not sure what happened in between), and I was like "wtf I said go away" and she replied with "I'm not Lady Deathbane I'm FIVE!" - too funny.
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  8. Sounds like a Jonadream to me :pity2:
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  9. :lol1: That's awesome! The image of Lady using the "Oh Hell No" is worth the awkwardness alone. How'd the other chicks like her? Did they get weirded out and leave, or stay to watch the spazzing/Crayo's embarassment?

    Dreamt about a year ago of walking through a hotel, and heard yells behind a door of orgasmic "Ohh!"'s and Bryan's ":yes:" going back and forth. Shook my head and said "Dammit, Nazi...".
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  10. Got gangbanged by all the mods and bukake by DZ.
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  11. Had a dream about Crayo one time, Xanth was there too, but for their sakes I won't go into detail
  12. You dreamt about a girl and didn't have sex, gaaaaaay.
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  13. I had a nightmare where Ryan told me to meet him behind McDonalds and I did, Then he put me in a suitcase and took me to Doha for 9 days. Then I realised I wasnt sleeping. Im typing from my phone in the airport, Im in the luggage bay! HELP!
  14. I had a dream about the forums last night. We were doing some wrestling match vote, and the next thing I know I was fighting Ken Shamrock.
  15. I've had nightmares.

    Also you can't write 'inb4 creeps' when you word it as 'I had a dream last night [...] fucking lady deathbane.'
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  16. Yeah nice [...]
  17. I dreamt once I was posting on this forums... Hey! It's my real life, damn :((
  18. where's the rest
  19. :isee:
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