Any NBA fans? Lin vs Rubio tonight

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  1. I've loved watching the Knicks play these last few games with Lin running the show. I loved him when he was with the Warriors (my favorite team) and was sad when we cut him to sign DeAndre Jordan to an offer sheet (which the Clippers matched) so we were just shit out of luck. You can't help but to root for the guy IMO. Nobody could have seen this explosion coming. 38 points last night against the Lakers, and now Lin-amania is running wild. Rubio is the other most hyped player in the league this season, so seeing them square off tonight should be great!
  2. Yeah whens the game? Or else your sig is swag
  3. Game is 8:00 Eastern. I'll be watching it on my lap top since it's not on nationally, I can help you guys out if you need one
  4. I'm a huge NBA fan, it's my favorite sports league in the world. Ever. Magic and Lakers, my teams.
  5. Bulls and Knicks. Knicks only cuz of Jeremy Lin. He is fucking awesome and funny. Or else Bulls over Magic any day and next year Howard will come to da Bulls!
  6. Lakers got the shit Lin'd out of them last night

  7. Yeah, LAL got pwned last night.

    Btw, I cannot understand how someone loves the club only bcuz of one player.
  8. Well my team will always be the Warriors, but I root for certain teams in the playoffs (because Golden State never makes it) just because of one player. Last year I was rooting hard for Dallas throughout the playoffs just because of Dirk
  9. I was referring to the Thewindyfan's post. And yeah, I was marking out when DIRK pwned the shit out of those Heat bitches.
  10. He's a Bulls fan it seems, he's just caught up in the Linsanity (can't blame him)

    It's crazy to think that a week ago, literally 7 days, most NBA fans didn't have a clue who he was and now he is the fastest rising star in sports period. It's Linconceivable, really
  11. Honestly, my favorite NBA team is the Pistons. So I am unbiased in the match tonight.
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  13. LOL!
  14. Games in a few minutes. Lmk if you need a way to watch it
  15. LOLOL!! Where did you find this at?? +1 like and rep

    Just found this, pretty epic.
  16. Someone posted it on another forum I post on.

    Lin looked exhausted tonight.. lots of misses that looked like he just didn't have his legs under him, and some sloppy turnovers. Still made a play in the final seconds to give the Knicks the lead. The legend lives for now
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