Any new music recommendations?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lingstar, May 7, 2013.

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  1. Thought it'd be cool to hear what some of you guys and girls have been listening to recently.

    I'm always after new albums and artists to let loose on my ears and a lot of the best ones come from others telling me to listen!

    If anybody hasn't heard them yet, the new Frank Turner, Paramore and Bring Me The Horizon albums are awesome. Also, a band called Bastille from the UK are pretty cool!
  2. If you like a hard rock style of music, I would say Halestorm is the way to go. Great band, with a great lead singer :gusta:
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    Gary Clark Jr if you like the old R&B or blues sounding music
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    El Ten Eleven if you like soft instrumental music
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  3. Halestorm supported In This Moment not long ago, couldn't go because I was still recovering from a knee op but I'll give them a listen for sure!
    I'm open to anything music wise so I'll check the other two out also, thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. What genres do you listen to?
  5. Normally rock/punk, a little folk now and again, some rap and some soulwax/dj yoda style stuff (never sure how to describe that genre!)
  6. That sucks :sad:
    And if you like folk music, ever heard of Blackmore's Night?
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  7. I haven't! Are they worth a listen? I'm still fairly new to the folk thing, my best friend has been introducing me to it slowly but surely!

    The Gary Clark Jr song you posted above is really good, liked that a lot.
  8. I enjoy them, it's a group formed by the original guitarist of Deep Puple, Ritchie Blackmore and his wife with some other musicians helping them. And I thought so :yes:
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    I will spam this forum until everyone's a Ghost fan, heh. Seriously though, if you're into Rock, you might like 'em.
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    "Black candles buuurrn on myyy shrriiine.."

  10. If These Trees Could Talk - Post-rock/instrumental, like trippy guitar riffs and stuff. New genre I've been listening to. This stuff would be cool with some good vocals, but even without them I like it
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  11. Been listening to Jex Thoth non stop for a few days. You might like them.
    70's style Psych/Rock with female vocals.
  12. Also, Chelsea Wolfe!
    Really dark and creepy sounding Folk. Seen her live a couple times, she rules.

  13. Wild Eyes by Parkway drive. Seth Rollins approved.
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  14. If you like folk the following bands are MANDATORY!
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  15. Thanks for all the replies! I've got a lot of new bands/artists to check out now which is always welcomed.

    I do already quite enjoy Parkway Drive! Are you a fan of The Ghost Inside?
  16. Tame Impala psych rock
    The Head and the Heart folky band
    The Builders and the Butchers folky band

    Plus points for liking Bastille. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Poor descriptions i kno but struggling on my phone lols
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  17. I'll give all of those a listen too!

    Really enjoyed Bastille's album. One for Summer I think.
  18. Start with Cats and Dogs by The Head and the Heart as it has a cool vid as well.
  19. Also try Other Peoples Heartaches by Bastille if you can find it. They remixed loads of early 90's dance and some other stuff into there style and its a fun listen.
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