Any of you fuckers wanna have a skype call and play some games on OMGPop?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by William, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. If you do post your skype below!

    Also I might be posting this to my Youtube channel. Depends if you guys are funneh. :dawg:

    Anyway if you wanna play and just have some fun post your skype below and I'll add you and send you an invite :emoji_slight_smile: I'll be on probably the next hour or 2.
  2. What is your YT channel
  3. It's in his sig Kyle you buffoon.
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  4. Hey Crayo, fuck off. Did you forget who I am?

    jk ily<3

    I'll do it if Crayo does.
  5. Lolzkype
  6. Depends - what the hell is OMGPOP?
  7. :haha:
  8. Website for games n' stuff.
  9. I'm up for it, even though I'm six hours late. lolz
  10. You guys are all late D:

    I might do it again soon? What time would suit most of you guys?
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