Any of you going to try make it in wrestling?

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  1. Just wondering if any of you are ever going to try and make it in Professional Wrestling. I'm going to try and make it into Pro Wrestling, It's what I've planned on doing since I was 7 and that dream hasn't left my mind since. With the way school is going I'm most likely gonna end up with a dead beat job anyway so I really see no other option. I see this as it's gonna be my last chance at a good life and if I make it, It'll be doing something I love so I could never complain.

    What I plan on doing is when I've finished up with school move down to the city and go to a wrestling school their, It's gotten the best Wrestling School in Australia awards almost every year. So I plan on training there for 1 year or longer and doing the occasional indy event in that year and then after that year I plan on touring Australia in the Indy Feds and try make a name for myself. I'd wanna then try and go over to the states and tour the indy feds there and try get myself known. Then I'd either try to go to WWE or TNA after I have 5 years experience or so.

    I doubt this will happen but I see it at my last chance for a happy life so I'm gonna go for it! I've been putting 25% of every pay into an account and I plan on using that money for Wrestling School in a few years.
  2. Good plan. I was planning too, but realized it wasn't my true goal in life.
  3. Good plan there, but I'm still sticking with school.

    College first. After getting a degree and a few years of work, then I'm going to a good wrestling school. If it doesn't work out, I have a fall back.
  4. No. It would hurt, because you're getting beaten up by someone else. That doesn't sound fun.
  5. I don't want to be a wrestler but id love to do some training to just get an idea of what its really like.
  6. Same as me tbh.
  7. I know @[Teen Gohan Randy Savage] is gonna.
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  8. I thought about it, I'm gonna go into jit jitsu first though, whether going into wrestling or not. Just be careful, and I'd try ROH, TCW, or NJPW before going into something bigger like WWE or TNA.
  9. FTJ is already there, mark my words CM Punk vs FTJ, Wrestlemania 30 in MSG. Best in the. World vs Best in the World.
  10. I have done contact sports before so I don't have a problem taking bumps and I love acting so I'd probably do it if I had the chance. Not sure it is my calling though. Would love to work in creative though.
  11. I really at one time did. Still train hard and such, but my passion is journalism.
  12. My girl Kia, but she is MIA these days.

    I wouldn't want to be a wrestler and don't really have the build or look to do so, but I do think it would be cool to be a manager, announcer, or even ref. I think 90% of ref/managers are just dudes that failed at becoming a wrestler though
  13. Where the hell IS Kia? Miss the hell outta her.
  14. Being awesome somewhere. She will always be the WWEF's diva/knockout champion.
  15. Agreed. ://

    I'm taking her place tho, 30 day rule said so.
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  17. You should kill yourself John. You're terrible do us all a favor and kill yourself. Just please do it.:serious:
  18. Back-up plans are an excuse to fail.
  19. No, but I'm just being practical and future-oriented. In 100 people who try to go to the business, only 15 become successful.
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