Any of you males rock jewellery?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Dec 10, 2013.

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  1. So, if you're a man, post what jewellery (if any) that you wear.
  2. Just a Dio necklace. Looking to get more impressive clothes in a couple weeks though. Silver watch and maybe a ring too.
  3. Crayo seeks acceptance from other males for wearing his huge hoop earrings... THE BIGGER THE HOOP THE BIGGER THE WHORE CRAYO!
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  4. Actually looking to get earings too....I mean....WHORE!!! WHOORE CRAYOOO
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  5. I have an earring, haha. Let my GF pierce me :gusta:
  6. I have been known to rock earrings, I'm also looking to get a lip piercing somewhere down the line.
  7. :hmm:
    I didn't take you for a guy who liked piercings. lololol I had my lip pierced twice. On the side and in the middle. I also had a tongue ring, belly button ring, and eyebrow ring at one point... LOLOL I only have my ears pierced now. removed everything else.
  8. Anybody who has a problem with earrings, must have a problem with King Diamond, which means they also have a problem with me :angry:

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  9. Earrings > any other piercing

    cept them ugly arse gauged ear holes. :eww:
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  10. Ugh. Ugliest shit ever. And agreed. Nose piercings can be okay, but that's about it.
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  11. Meh. I had almost all the "fad" piercings and the only one I never did and never will get is a nose piercing. Looks like a shiny pimple. :eww: Also... a lot of hoeskies had them where I grew up. lolol
  12. How do you feel about pene piercings? :ksi:
  13. Same as I do about vaginy ones... OH HELL NO! :angry: :mad2:
  14. :okay: :cry:
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  15. Bigger risk of infecting someone. Bigger risk of condoms breaking... I don't think dudes thought this through... OR... Just maybe....
  16. So that's where I got my STDs from :okay:
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  17. Another thread hijacked by The Brit:obama: :pipebomb:
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  18. Made me laugh... probably shouldn't be funny... but I am not going to lie... I laughed. :lol1:
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  19. :win:
  20. Earring (left ear, back off males), chain, tongue piercing (lol it's good stfu) and soon to be getting a Gold Cross.

    I love jewellery.
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