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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Know which submission hold that is normally used to take out younger talent in Japanese wrestling, and when you are allowed to get out of it instead of tapping is a sign of maturing as a competitor? I remember reading something like this but cannot remember the move.

    Much appreciated if you know.
  2. Never paid attention, tbh. And I've watched gazillions of Puro matches, lol.
  3. I cam to think of it last night and thought it would be interesting to read up on the move and why it is used like that. My search continues.
  4. I might watch the old matches of Misawa, Kawada, Kobashi and Tenryu to figure it out. Do you know Kobashi was booked to lose his first 63 singles matches when he graduated from dojo? Imagie something like that on the West today.
  5. Fans today would give up on the wrestler in a heartbeat.
  6. The Boston Crab?
  7. That's the one! Thanks tons mam.
  8. Anytime! Glad to help. :otunga:
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