Any of you still watch NXT?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. I stopped watching when the divas one started. It used to be actually quite decent until then.
  2. N.....X.....T? What is this you speak of?
  3. Lmao, did you not watch any of the seasons?
  4. They still air it in Australia. It's gotta be the shittest WWE programming in a loong time.
  5. I loved it at first, when it was serious. Season 1 & 2 were decent. Divas killed it, and then moving it off television (obviously not Aus though?) further killed it. That show had tons of potential I thought.
  6. It isn't still on before raw in the uk ? I watched part of season 1 and 2 then when they did a divas one gave up except for that one time punk did commentary I've seen bits of that on youtube.
  7. Urm I thought "WWE Vintage" was on before RAW? It used to be NXT, dunno if it still is. Punk & Stanford were absolute gold on commentary.
  8. I watched 1 and 2. Would've watched 3 if they haven't released the 7 foot woman, Aloisa The Amazon?
  9. I can't stand diva wrestling, so I just skipped that whole season. Then NXT went shite.
  10. Pretty much, I would've watched it again because I heard that Hall of Famers would be the Pro, but that never happened.
  11. They should of made a tag-team version of NXT.