Any of your parents watch wrestling?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. My dad watches it and went to a WWE Event with me like a while ago. He hates Vickie and AJ, although he prefers TNA cause he started watching it in 2007.
    But I'm pretty sure he watched it for The Beautiful People. :hmm:

    Anyways, any of your parents/grandparents watch wrestling?
  2. My dad used to during the AE. He's the one who got me into wrestling. My mom used to get mad at him because I was only 3 at the time :haha:
  3. My whole family watches it pretty much.
  4. My dad use to when me and my brother were kids. He always got us paper views. He don't watch it anymore.
  5. You mean pay per views? :lol1:
  6. Nope, although my dad knows a few wrestlers Flair, Savage, Mankind and often goes "Wooo" all the time. :obama:
  7. Parents know it exist but don't watch it (doesn't air in Sweden).

    Pretty sure neither set of grandparents knows it exists.
  8. LMAO! Yeah. Oops I do that alot. :dawg:
  9. LOL! Paper Views.
  10. Lmfao no. :eww:

    Boy that'd be awful world for me.
  11. My mum says 'I thought you grew out of that shit.'

  12. Grew out?

    This isn't no haircut Jonathan's mum.
  13. As in matured. :burns:

  14. I know, but we're from the UK so we never mature. :dawg:
  15. Mum and Sister ridicule me for it being "fake".
  16. Hit a spinebuster, see if they think it's fake. :haha:
  17. My dad watches it, he has a shitload of classic WWF, and WCW videos, he even watched the AWA days if wrestling too, him and my uncle got me into it, but my dad knows more about wrestling then my uncle, my grandpa watched wrestling with me and my uncle as well, and I think my great grandpa watched wrestling too.
  18. I had a descrambler box so i used to get all the PPVs for free, but sadly you cant do that anymore. Fuck you digital switch
  19. No. And I don't blame them.
  20. haha my mam was the one that got me into it i remember when she took me to a live event and going to shout 'your an asshole' to join in with crowd