Any other Slater fans here?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2013.

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    Anyone else love this guy? I know there are a couple on here, but I'm curious as to what he can do in WWE. He's a fantastic seller, he has decent ring work, his promos are gold, he is a natural heat magnet, what should WWE do with him and are you a fan? He's far above 3MB.
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  2. Give him a troll WHC title reign.
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  3. Or at least IC title.
  4. I'm fine with him doing what he's been doing (hopefully back to 1MB though). He's the GOAT jobber and can make a long career out of it.
  5. I actually am a Heath Slater fan I remember watching clips of him in FCW and then him debuting with the Nexus and I think he has potential to be a top heel but WWE just are mis using him and jobbing him out which is so wrong
  6. I'm an original Slater mark.
  7. I loved him in the build to Raw 1000, he was a naturally funny guy. Not bad in the ring either.
  8. Love Slater. <3
  9. Title reign. He deserves a title reign and get rid of the three man band
  10. This is the only Slater I love:

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  11. I'm a fan of Heath Slater, but I do like the 3MB stable they have going. WWE can either make him the biggest jobber in history or they can make him have some decent title reigns, etc.
  12. Not a fan cause he's a...*looks to see if Adam is around* ginger
  13. Entertaining and funny guy. Should have a troll/honky tonk man title run with the IC/US belt. I know that D'Z and I have talked about it before since it would be hilarious.
  14. He's top! Apart from Jinder i actually like 3mb they deserve more should defo be in the tag title hunt at the least.
  15. Personally, I think Drew is the only "star" from that group.
  16. He doesn't do anything for me, but it would be pretty funny if he held the IC title for a while as a fluke champ.
  17. I'm a Slater fan :3
  18. I really like Slater. That interview from the gif you posted was just so good, he should get that IC reign D'Z suggested for sure.
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