Any PC gamers?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Lady Deathbane, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. If so, which one should I play?

    I've played the first two before, but I have yet to play the third one, but I'm getting an inkling to play any of them at the moment.

    A follow up question is what MMO games have you guys played/are still playing? Could be anything. I'm dying to play with someone, lol.
  2. Get Guild Wars 2
  3. Heard a few varying reports about Aion, seems like one of those marmite type games. so you never know could be the one for you.

    As far as MMO's go there's only really one isn't there, and ofc thats WOW, still playing it myself, but i know of quite a few people who are enjoying RIFT and Star Wars, so they may be worth a look as well

    Good luck finding the right one for you
  4. WoW, I always find myself saying. "this is just a crap version of WoW".
  5. Crap version of crap?
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  6. Aion was good when it first came out, then everything got far too complicated.
  7. Guild Wars fucksucks lol.
  8. Phantasy Star Online 2 is pretty good, but it's currently only available in Japanese. The character creation screen is one of the most extensive I've seen in any game ever. It's also a niche MMO though, very Japanese-style Magic-meets-Mecha gameplay, so if you're more into the J. R. R. Tolkien style and enjoy taking in all of the Lore, you probably wouldn't like this.
  9. Warhammer Online.
  10. Club Penguin
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  11. Habbo Hotel.
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  12. You fucksuck.
  13. My gaming PC arrives soon, I'll be looking for suggestions.
  14. Cabal is now old. The graphics look shit comapred to the recent MMOs.

    I played Aion and got tired of doing quests. Went on playing on private servers to level up faster and still got bored with it. I quitted the game.

    I have Guild Wars 2 but haven't been playing lately. Might play it over the weekend since I'm on break.
  15. League of Legends is something I want play.
  16. :pity1:
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  17. Thanks for the suggestions, you lovely people. I still haven't decided. but if anyone has steam, Lady Deathbane's the name. I don't have much on it, but I'm wondering what to get, even if it's F2P.
  18. You should try Dota. It's a lot like LoL, but much more complex and you don't have to buy any of the hero's.

    I've got like 50 invites, I can gift it to you on Steam if you want.
  19. You literally tried to give me, like, all 20 of them the other night. Might as well start whoring them out here, lmfao.
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