Any Pets?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DashingPerfection, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. Who here has pets? I have a cat named Budha and turtle named Squirtle. I named my turtle that cause it looked exactly like it. I do not watch Pokémon, but I did when I was a kid. I named my cat Budha cause it's fat. But do you have any pets?
  2. A dog called Bailey.

  3. Yeah, Xanth.
  4. Did he run away cause I think I found him. Here you go: :xanth:
    This is him right.
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  5. Hell yeah it's him.
  6. The picture's a little blurry, but I don't care. He's called Diesel.

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  7. I found him at Comedy Central. He played a fat kid named Eric Cartman. He was on a show named South Park.
  8. He a collie? So god damn cute.
  9. FU** YEAH IT IS.
  10. He is indeed. He's also a greedy little C*nt. Stole my kebab yesterday. :pity:
  11. Yep. I now have...

    One dog, named Apollo:
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    One cat, named Knight:
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    Snuggled up next to me and showing his little white "heart:"

    Game time:

    And since it's Halloween season, here's one of him looking slightly creepy. :emoji_wink:
  12. That cat is an OG.
  13. He is indeed. After all, he's my cat. What do you expect? :haha:
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  14. 5 cats. All bosses. I love them.
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  15. Currently... 3 cats, a kitten, and a Quaker parrot.

    Jazzy - She's a female cat with only three legs. Adopted her off of craigslist last year.
    Twiggy- Is my baby boy, had him when he was only 6 weeks. Had to bottle feed him.
    PC - Which stands for Porch Cat, lived on my mother's porch till he got bit & needed stitched, my husband & I took him in. He's the sig kitty.
    Razer - He's the kitten. About 2 and a half months old. I call him Lil' Ramon lol (his names spelled zer not zor though)
    Piccolo - He's my Quaker parrot. He's 6 months old and just learning how to say stuff. He's spoiled beyond belief.

    I use to have a paddle tail newt but she passed away. She was real sick for a good 6 months. Stopped eating. It was sad. I had her for about 5 years and I believe she was between 6 and 10. Hard to tell the age with them. Her name was Tokie.

    I grew up with 2 dogs at all times as well. First two were Sabrina (all black German Shepherd) & Lobo (means wolf), a Colly mix. Sabrina had to be put down at only 2 years old. She was having horrible seizures, I guess her mother was hit by a car when she was pregnant and the breeders didn't tell anyone. Then shortly after, my mom got a puppy named Cheyanne. He was a chow chow, german shepherd mix. Lobo was already old and his hips gave out and he was stuck in the basement so he had to be put down. Then my mom got Laredo. He's a full blooded German german shepherd and he's HUGE! He's about 130lbs. He's 10 now I believe. Cheyenne got sick as he aged and couldn't hold his pee or poop in, he went pretty much blind and my mom decided 2 years ago to put him down. Then she got another German Shepherd his name is Kane. He's an American german shepherd so he's only about 85 pounds. He's got huge ears, paws, and a long tail and he's a character. He thinks he can catch birds who are 50 feet in the air. Its so funny to watch him. She got him when I was already moving out though.

    I had a cat named Taco who died from either a spider bite or a heart attack in 2007. He was 12 years old. It broke my heart. He was my first cat I owned. I got the news when I was at work and I started crying, I couldn't even go home that night. I still miss the fur ball.

    I also had a parakeet, a few hamsters & gerbils, growing up and a few snakes, some mice, and a couple crested geckos with in the last 6 years. My ex never gave them (the geckos) back to me :sad: I also had some fish as well.

    ... If you can't tell, I LOVE animals!
  16. tell your dog to cover that shit up :dawg: Is that a bichon? I had one before
  17. Boss cats for an amazing boss individual. :boss1:

    I'm in awe of your 5 cats. Hats off to you. Guys can get away with that. We women would be deemed crazy cat ladies. :dawg:
  18. Crazy cat ladies are a fetish of mine :fap:
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  19. Had some time to kill so here's some pictures...


    From top left to right...

    Laredo + Cheyenne, Laredo + Kane, Jazzy, Piccolo, Taco, Twiggy, PC, Razer, Tokie, Kane, Laredo.

    Taco, Cheyenne and Tokie are no longer with us :emoji_slight_frown:
    And PC, Razer, Jazzy and Piccolo live with my husband and I. Twiggy stays with my mom until my husband and I get a house in the early spring.
  20. @[GrammarNazi82] what's your PSN? :emoji_slight_smile:)
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