Any Thoughts on a Christian Cage TNA Return?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Wilby, Mar 25, 2014.

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  1. So with Christian turning 40 recently and it previously being mentioned that he may not re-sign with the WWE upon expiration of his contract; what would be your thoughts on a potential Christian Cage TNA return?

    In TNA Christian Cage was a main-eventer and was a former two-time NWA Heavyweight Champion during his initial run between 2005-2008, he also returned in 2012 at TNA's tenth anniversary PPV.

    Could he still go back to TNA? Would he main-event again?

    What are everybody's thoughts? :bodallas:
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  2. It would at least make me watch TNA again, not sure what it would do or mean for his career though if he returned.
  3. I think he's going to retire after his contract expires and enjoy life. He had a daughter recently and doesn't have that much to give to the business anymore. So yeah, doubt he's going back to TNA.
  4. This pretty much sums my thoughts up
  5. Was it Slammiversary 2012 when he showed up and clearly looked miserable just being there? Yeah, he's not coming back.

    But lets have fun and play the hypothetical game. There's three types of ex-WWE guys that TNA can bring in...
    -People who TNA can use to capitalize on their star power (Hardy)
    -People have untapped potential as performers who can flourish in TNA (EC3)
    -People who have talent but pissed off Vince in one way or another (Anderson, hopefully Ziggler)

    The last 2 groups are great adds, while the first group is something TNA needs to avoid. Luckily Christian seems to fit into that bottom group, which is great! Would be cool to see Christian's swan-song be in TNA instead of jobbing non-stop in WWE, even if it's a one-off match with one of the better workers on the roster. Maybe Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle in both of their last matches?
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  6. Sure, I would bet my life savings against it happening. He is a future HoF'er IMO for the WWE, and Edge inducting him will make it a lot bigger and more expected. He is sticking around WWE.
  7. I'd enjoy it because I'm sure he would have a last main event run in TNA before riding off into the sunset of retirement, but I highly doubt it happens. With his last couple of years of steady injury time, I would presume he'll retire when his contract ends.

    But, if he wants to go, TNA does have a propensity to put 40+ guys in the main event scene. And you could actually say that his "most successful" runs in pro wrestling (at least as a singles competitor) were in TNA.

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  8. On second thought (and after hearing about Christian's probable concussion, I'm going to retract my comments until we find out if Christian feels the need to step out of the ring permanently.

    If he's still willing to go, I'd love to see it (unlikely as it is). If he decides to retire for the sake of his health, I completely understand and support that decision.

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  9. I'd mark out, but i doubt it.
  10. I'd doubt he'd return, but it would make me start watching TNA again.
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  11. He should retire. The guy has nothing to offer, anywhere.
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  12. Don't think so. Cage can't offer a lot to anyone anyway.
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