Any thoughts on online dating?

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  1. Yes, this is about things such as Zoosk, ChristianMingle, PlentyOfFish, etc. Do you think it's a bit tragic that people have to go to places like that to find their "mate"? I know it's the information age with the "INTERNET" all so in some ways, it's normal and acceptable, but that shit is not a good look for me. It just isn't my style. I don't know, that's just me. To each their own. I'd prefer meeting chicks through friends, or whatever, non-internet style (if at all possible). Call me old school, or whatever, but online dating just doesn't seem like it would work for me.

    Any thoughts from you, stories of your experiences (if any), advice to people thinking about trying any of those sites, etc. are welcome.
  2. I will, however, say this. Online dating removes somewhat of a hassle of having to pluck up the courage to approach someone in a bar, get chatting then ask them out all the while risking getting completely rejected. Some people don't have alot of confidence with that kind of thing so talking to people over the internet, at first at least, can make things easier.
  3. I've never tried it but a good friend met her husband through online dating. She hated being hit on in bars and clubs etc... and all us guys at work were to matey or friendzoned shall we say so she gave it a whirl and found someone good for her. He was using it as he was in the army and through that struggled to meet women and turned to the internet to help.
  4. Yeah if I were a woman, I would get tired of random guys hitting on me at bars all the time and then would look into giving it a whirl. Either that or I would just stop going to bars
  5. One of my family members got married through it. Not sure their story since I'm not close to them, but they were a bit elderly. At least in their late 40's-early 50's. They seemed very happy though, still together and everything so that's nice.
  6. I don't think it's a bad thing. Technology has progressed enough that it's possible to meet someone online you wouldnt have normally met. I think it's a nice option for those that are tired of the traditional method.
  7. If you find someone that likes you and you like them it doesn't matter where it happens; online or underwater. Really dislike your opinion that it's tragic but I guess to each their own.
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  8. Maybe I can find metal women online :please:
  9. I have joined online dating websites before just to see what they were about. I never met anyone off of them or anything.

    I've met people through facebook, youtube, and wordpress though. One of them I met is a pretty cool chick that lives in Arizona and I'd consider one of my best friends. I don't know if that is considered online dating, but meeting people online is fairly normal for me.
  10. I'm not saying that it's tragic. It's just that I think that it makes people look desperate unless they find success on it or put effort into doing so. I just don't think online is my style. Besides, it's so easy to lie on the internet. People pretend to be other people on these kinds of things, which is one reason I'm put off.
  11. I'm a white man that like to listen to classical music, take strolls by the park and makes 900K a year from home on my online business. I also enjoy pool, helping children with cancer, and ending world hunger.
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  12. hai :ksi:
  13. I wouldn't do it personally, but each people have their own preference. I think more people would show up online and they have more variety rather going to a local area.
    I myself personally would rather meet someone in person or from a friend. Online just seems lazy.
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  14. Fuck online dating. >
  15. I found my soul mate through Christian Mingle. <3
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  16. Met my wife through POF. Also met a bunch of whores and bitches as well, so take that for what it is.
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  17. Its fine but they need to have safety things put in place because hasn't there been like murders through it?
  18. I am with Xanth. Shouldn't matter online/real life if you find someone that makes you happy, the way you found them, does not matter. I tend to have better friendships with people online then in real life. To me, flesh is over evaluated. It is far easier to get to know someone on a deeper level without actually being physical. That's just my thoughts though.
  19. I'm with the above. If you find happiness that way, then it's all good! I'm married, but I know from experience that you can create good friendships online. Some people might find their soul mate with online dating.
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  20. I've got buddies who use it to meet single decent older women, bedding them almost immediately and then calling it fair, i've got pals who have met their wives on dating sites...IDK i wouldn't call it any worse than going to bars to pick up girls - at least you can spot the compatitbility factors you are looking for?

    I, personally have never gotten on one, but i've seen it be great for certain people as well as others who go on their to use it like a personal sex hookup without having to spend extra cash. To each their own, i guess.
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