Any users write poetry?

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  1. If you do feel free to share in this thread. I'll start

    These are two I had written in June when a friend passed away..

    When life's not fair,
    so cruel and obscene,
    I retreat into my world,
    a most curious dream.

    My world's a world
    of possibility,
    a world where imagination,
    hope, and love are key.

    No tossing, turning,
    sleepless nights
    No death, tears,
    or hate-filled fights.

    Instead I go
    to a place with no pain,
    without any hurt,
    and life is more sane.

    Friends and loved ones,
    would be there,
    and people around you,
    would love and care.

    If only this place could be
    non-fiction and reality,
    then you and I would see
    a world where life is beautiful.

    Little by little,
    The memories die,
    Fading into darkness,
    With no reason why.

    Triumphs and trials,
    Will soon disappear,
    Total oblivion,
    Will soon be here.

    People you love,
    All become the same,
    Unrecognizable faces,
    Without a name.

    Confusion sets in,
    As you fight to remember,
    When you were born...
    Is it August or November?

    What a nightmare,
    To have your brain become rotten,
    Living in a world,
    Where all is forgotten
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  2. They are beautiful Danny, I prefer to read poetry than to write it.
  3. Thank you and I understand
  4. I assume KiaKia does but she's gone. :((
  5. Is she ever expected to return?
  6. Not from what I'm aware, hopefully one day.
  7. I dawdled in it years ago. More into writing novels to be honest
  8. You should think about sharing some of your work with us. I enjoy reading as well as enjoy your federation x stuff.
  9. Love your stuff Danny, it's beautiful. Here are some of my recent ones.

    This is her bedroom,
    Don’t weep too loud,
    You’ll wake her memories.

    You are nice clothes,
    You are not dark,
    You are midnight tea with jam tarts.

    My luggage limit won’t allow,
    For our bottled up words,
    Only for dreams and skirts.

    You are pretty bags,
    You are height charts,
    You are chapters before new starts.

    Europe runs past,
    I embrace eagles,
    Forgetting the fields.

    You are pen pals,
    You are shit art,
    You are lonely eyes on my heart.

    The mermaid got us into trouble,
    Please don’t tell the press,
    I paid up the rent on your womb.

    You are the queen,
    You are the park,
    One day we’ll meet again for tea with jam tarts.


    We’re on our knees together, I touch our lips,
    sweat betrays us when we say,
    we are not afraid of techno eyes.
    Our face lives in a frame, on a page, in pixels,
    our body was sold by heat and the mirror,
    in a seedy off licence in Tottenham.


    Ahead of her time, falls down a pole
    murders, smiling, remains a woman.

    Eats, blue soup, sews up the hole,
    left in my heart, by another woman.

    Japan cut me up; she glued with eyes,
    locked onto my own, an awful woman.

    Trips over her words, a diary of lies,
    I gave her new words, to the simple woman.

    Suddenly dead, I fall through her heart.
    My hands, now glass, I fight for a woman.
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  10. You are very talented. Your writing is very descriptive and I can almost imagine everything you are writing. Job well done
  11. Thank you! I still have a lot to learn though, hence why I'm still studying.
  12. Keep up the good work and if you ever want to throw ideas at me PM me.
  13. Every life will end in death
    And there is pain for every breath
    You ever take, and you will break
    In thousands of pieces,
    As consciousness releases ,
    Its side effects
    it injects you with addictions,
    Afflictions for which there is no pill
    I am alive so I am ill
    Because I am , therefore I feel
    I dont just think about what thinking means
    But also feel for other feeling things
    And end up with a bleeding heart
    Watching us tear this world apart
    Can we stop now before alls gone ?
    Can we undo the damage done ?

    Yes, I am part of the game
    And though I know Im part to blame
    For all of this
    I still see hope under the mess
    And beauty in the Universe
    I ponder on it in silence
    Wonder what will be left of us
    Before our sun finally bursts
    And ends our cry and joy and lust
    Before we all become star dust ...
    Will we destroy ourselves by then ?
    And leave behind just pain and shame
    Or will we ever find the ways to win the game
    The ways
    to earn our place
    as the enlightened consciousness
    That creates art and conquers space
    I hope theres hope for us ... but how ?
    Look at us now ....

    We invent Gods who bless our wars
    And justify the hatred flooding our pores
    We feed on life and kill our kind
    Yet we pretend we were designed ...
    intelligently ?!
    Consequently, we find reasons
    to commit evils
    By falling on our knees
    and asking God to please
    Help us make bombs and do violent acts
    To serve religions of peace
    While trusting our kids to pedophile priests
    This is us!

    We close our eyes and praise the skies
    Anesthetize our minds and fill our hearts with lies
    About eternal paradise in afterlife
    While we give birth to Hell on Earth
    Is it worth it ?
  14. @[DannyWoods] That's awesome! I don't write poetry anymore. :downer:
  15. Thank you and you should give it a try again.
  16. Yes, I should. :obama:
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  17. I write every now and then. I use to write poetry all the time.
  18. This is the one I wrote to my husband.

    So far gone yet so close to home,
    I find a void essence in my heart.
    It keeps me at peace when I am weak...
    and always calms my soul.
    I give it recognition when valid lies are up risen,
    because sane is insanity.
    Perfection may never rest on a humble bed as mine,
    yet to me you are perfectly so.
    Like the ever changing tides of the ocean,
    my love, it grows, even in the vanquished ruin.
    Through every waged war in my beating heart,
    still I resonate with yours.
    Though it may not always show, my heart is eternity grateful,
    and my love... I am yours.
    Keep peace in knowing, I am no where in going,
    with out you by my side
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  19. That's beautiful brit
  20. Aww thanks! :otunga:
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