Any vapers?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Jun 3, 2015.

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  1. I started 2 weeks ago when I bought a cheap e-cigarette to smoke at the airport.
    Now tomorrow I have a Kanger Evod 2 arriving which opens up so many modding possibilities, I probably won't mod anything though.
    Share some tips with a vaping newb and what you vape with if you like.:bodallas:
  2. I bought an E-Cig in the past, and still use it here and there. I use tobacco flavor though, and sometimes menthol.
  3. Yeah I don't want any fruity flavors, just tobacco for me.
  4. I've actually wanted to try a fruity flavor in the future. Just oddly like the taste of tobacco though, so I usually get that flavor. I sometimes get menthol because I know for sure I enjoy that flavor as well. One of my co-workers suggested citrus flavors and such. Might give them a shot someday, though it seems kinda funny.
  5. Never vaped personally, but I know a few friends that do. DON'T GET THE RED BULL FLAVOUR. Jesus Christ that stinks.
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  6. I've tried cherry flavour in the past, it's weird but only because I'm used to cigarettes tasting like tobacco.
    I've been looking at getting a new e-cig, but haven't really done much research into it yet.
  7. I looked into them all for quite a while, Kanger Evod or Kanger Emow is the way to go.
  8. The flavours alone look pretty good.
  9. You can use liquid from any store. I recommend Apollo.
  10. Vaping is pretty much the main thing I do now and days. I basically have to quit bud for the time being, so I've been vaping more frequently than I oughta. As for the flavors, the desert & fruit flavors are the best to me. I usually go with the blueberry muffin, or the caramel.
  11. What do you use?
  12. A Pro-L that I got from VaporFi(main site I use). It's pretty basic but it gets the job done. Got in purple ofc.
  13. I'll get around to either building one, or at least upgrading soon though. Just can't shell out about two hundred for one yet.
  14. I got a vaper pen 2 years ago and I use pot in it or weed oil
  15. Nope, not me.
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  16. What flavors did you get? And you got this kit?
  17. I got the Endeavour starter kit. The flavours I got were: Menthol, coffee, french vanilla and Baja burst.