Anybody Here Follows NY/NJ Independent Federations?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Indynut, May 14, 2012.

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  1. I've mainly been an indy fan for the past 10 years. I've followed ICW, USA Pro Wrestling, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, ACE Pro Wrestling, New York Wrestling Connection, Ring Of Honor(I don't think it's an independent anymore), Fight The World Wrestling, Family Wrestling Entertainment, & Fighting Spirit Wrestling.
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  2. First off, welcome to the site :emoji_slight_smile:

    Secondly, I wish I was myself. I currently don't find I have enough time to commit to downloading them/watching them. However there are users on here that do, @[JoeRulz] is one who definitely does and @[CM Drunk] is another one.

    Since it's rare to see such a passionate indy wrestling fan - do you have a favourite wrestler? Could you list your top 5?
  3. I can't really list a top 5. I know Dan Maff is one of my favorites on the indies.
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  4. I assume Danielson and Punk are high if you limit it to just WWE? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    How do you watch these then? Weekly downloads or?
  5. I go to there shows and buy their DVDs.
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  6. Every single one of their shows?
  7. I buy the DVDs that are worth owning. I don't go to wrestling shows every week.
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  8. I was going to say, lol.

    See that option is unavailable to me too so it's incredibly hard to get into it. Where you from? States?
  9. Ffs, read the thread title. New York/New Jersey.

    Welcome, and I can tell that I ocassionally follow/watch Jersey All Pro Wrestling and Fight The World Wrestling. Not a lot, but maybe once a month.
  10. Not very friendly of you Testify. *looks @ award*.
  11. I only watch JAPW sometimes, if we're talking about NY's local promotions.
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  12. What do you want from me?:facepalm1:

    You're making me sad and anxious.
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  13. I want you to love me again.
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  14. I still do.:burns:
  15. Motherfucking faggots.
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