Anyone better than Carrick in midfield atm?

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  1. IN the BPL anyway, I think he has been the best midfielder in the league. I can not think of anyone as consistent.

    Silva - On and off all season, not really done much.
    Yaya Toure - Same as above, mainly off though.
    Cazorla - fantastic at the beginning, had a bad patch, and now is seemingly pretty good again.
    Wilshere - Injured for most of it unfortunately.
    Mata - Fantastic at the beginning but where is he now?

    I just can't think of any at the moment. I'm watching Caerrick as we speak and I'm in speechless, he's just so damn good this season.
  2. 3/5 are Spanish :pity:

    Mata has the brightest future and he's from my hometown .

    I may say Mata.
  3. The only person I can think of is Leon Britton and Fellani? Trying to find the stats for CMs (completed passes, chances created, tackles made etc but can't currently) I'll concede Carrick has had a phenomenal season however.
  4. Lol so bias, but yeah, the brightest midfielders in the world are naturally Spanish. The range of talent Spain have is fantastic. But Mata has had a relatively bad period recently, in terms of goals & assists (and performance) anyway.

    Britain doesn't pass forward much, but he keeps the ball. He's like Allen at Liverpool, not a contender for midfielder of the year but does his job well. Fellaini had a fantastic start but where's he gone as well recently? He's the closest though I agree. I just don't think any of them are as consistent as Carrick, he simply hasn't had a bad game (apart from as a CB in the first game).
  5. Erm... Fellani just scored lol its hard to compare midfielders theres lots of differant types also are we including im and rm players or just cm bale takes it if so
  6. Center midfielders. I class wingers (especially attacking ones like Bale) as forwards. And yeah Fellaini has come back into form in his last few games but he had a period of 4-6 games of not really being there, and was actually getting yellow cards for being constantly frustrated. I guess you can put it down to teams planning for him now and having him man-marked, but that's still a period of games without performing which -- in my opinion -- puts Carrick ahead of him on consistency terms, but then again Fellaini is scoring quite a lot of goals. I'd still put Carrick ahead though personally, and Fellaini coming in as a close second.
  7. An analyst on Setanta Ireland has just said that Carrick has been the best this season, which makes me think I'm wrong about this because these "analysts" on this network are fucking morons lmao.
  8. Ok fair enough i think lampard deserves a mention aswell chelsea are stupid to let him go if they do
  9. Lol yeah I have no idea what Chelsea are thinking of there; Lampard is consistently consistent every season.
  10. Not that I can think of, I definitely think Wilshere would have been though if not injured.
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  11. Gerrard has been great this season as well, 7 goals and 9 assists in PL as a CM, but I think Carrick overall has been the best CM this season.
  12. arteta has been great aswell very underated like carrick
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