Anyone checking out Aldo vs my man Korean Zombie tonight?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. Seabs Alkaline is what I mean by anyone, ofc.

    Pretty shit card but I'm semi-hyped for the ME.
  2. When is bell time? We'll see how long I can manage to stay up, otherwise I'll watch it tomorrow.
  3. I'll catch it in hope Zombie pulls off the upset, kind of interested in how Lyoto looks too. I'm guessing he'd want to make some kind of statement given his recent complaints about not getting another shot at Bones. The rest I have no idea who they are except Kong Watson, he's that fag from BAMMA I think.
  4. Fuck every other fight on the card. UFC is slipping so hard lately as far as PPV card quality goes.
  5. What is the card? Didn't they have a UFC on Fox last week or something?
  6. They're running wayyyyyyyyy too many cards now, 5 more PPVs plus the fox cards and what not is crazy. Chael wrestlefucking Shogun is soon isn't it too?
  7. Last week Rory outclassed Ellenberger and they had a 125 lb title fight on Fox.

    This card has the ME and the co main is Machida vs Phil Davis. LIterally everything else is trash
  8. Yep, MM subbed Moraga in the Mainevent. I remember being amazed how quick he was.
  9. I wish they hadn't made the 125 lb class tbh. Idk why 10 lbs makes such a difference, but it does. Bantamweight is as low as I can go. 125 is just too small.

    Who would you want to see Rory fight next?
  10. I remember last weeks. Just never got around to watching it, but I remember reading the results.

    Machida's in a match? That'll be decent at least.

  11. If he changes his mind and says he'll fight GSP / Big Rigg takes the title then I'd like him to re-match with Condit (Even though he was smashed for the last round I'd say Rory was in enough control to justify it) for a title shot. GSP would get a rematch so run it on that card as the co-main could be interesting.

    If he refuses to fight Georges, Diaz could be a good matchup over 5 rounds. Rory looks to gas in the later rounds from what I've seen so I can see Nick picking him apart in the latter rounds. Plus with his history of dropping Nate on his head you could have the oh so personal feud Dana loves. If Diaz stays retired / fails a drug test again Robbie Lawler? He has heavy hands and I don't think he'd be scared of engaging with Rory as he has nothing to really lose, although Rory would probably fight it GSP style for the UD.
  12. Found this interesting in regards to how much weight every fighter on the card cut:

  13. Back story on this Korean fella

  14. Ultimate underdog. Was supposed to lose to Marc Hominic, KO'd him in the fastest match in UFC history. Was supposed to lose to Dustin Poirier, made him tap to his own submission (d'arce choke)

    He is one of the most exciting fighters of all time. I've never seen a boring KZ fight. Watch either fight against Leonard Garcia and you will get an idea for what type of fighter he is. nonstop, in your face, cardio for days, ect.

    People like his chances because his cardio is so great and he can push the pace and Aldo tends to gas late in fights.
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  15. Oh God I like him already.
  16. oh and how could I forget his awesomely appropriate walk out theme?

  17. I love him for the theme song alone.
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  18. WEC was awesome man, especially the lower weight classes. Garcia vs KZ I is probably the best MMA fight I've ever seen (or one of them, so tough to make a declaration like that).

    Too bad the decision was so horrible
  19. Isn't that were UFC got the majority (all?) of their sublightweight divisions? I'll have to watch some more when I get round to it, any recommend fights?

    Since we're mentioning bests one of my favorite rounds I've ever seen is Diaz vs Daley in Strikeforce, god that was 4:50 of pure awesomeness.

    You'll have seen it but for anyone who hasn't.
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