Anyone else actually find Big Show entertaining last night?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Okay sure Big Show is a buffoon most of the time, but last night when he was owning Sheamus during the "debate", I found myself entertained. Part of it has to be because the more Sheamus flops and looks moronic on live television the better, but part of it was because Big Show actually looked like a threat to super Sheamus and that he played his role pretty well.

    If this promo did anything, it highlighted how WWE's wannabe John Cena v2 has absolutely nothing on John Cena and shouldn't be anywhere near the main event with the role they've given him.
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  2. I was going to give you positive rep for this, but i'll have to wait.

    You're absolutely correct. Big Show outshined Sheamus in that debate and he broke his podium. Sheamus is an average wrestler at best, nothing above mid-card and if we were basing this on mic skills alone Sheamus wouldn't even be in the WWE. I believe a lot of the stuff Sheamus is saying is scripted to him. He needs to drop the WHC and the Shrek gimmick.
  3. See? Toldja this feud wouldn't be too bad! Sheamus finally has a believable opponent.

    I agree to an extent, but the segment was still a catastrophe due to Sheamus's stupidity. One of the worst segments of the year due to that, Big Show's mic work was fine, but the Great White Jackass making a complete traveshamockery of the whole feud made Big Show look awesome as he kept ripping into him.

    Wonder if this was Vince's way of turning the IWC into Big Show marks?
  4. Well obviously if someone is bashing on someone you hate, you'll like them.
  5. I actually did during that debate. He gave a solid and good argument.
  6. Yeah, Big Show was great. Loved his opening statement or w/e. Straight to the point, no bullshit.
    I also like how he kept calling out Sheamus for being a clown, Sheamus is so unfunny it hurts.
  7. Yeah I haven't and won't say that the segment was good, it's a terrible segment whether I enjoyed Big Show or not. But I do think it highlighted how terrible Sheamus actually is that Big Show practically destroyed him on the mic and made made Sheamus just look plain retarded.

    Anything that makes that imbecile look bad is a plus from me. And to be honest Vince doesn't give a single fuck about the IWC so no, lol.
  8. He was damn good at RAW. Like ''Cut the bullshit and get this done''. Sheamus being a funny ass all the time. Cool to see Show stop it a little.
  9. Yeah, when you're being compared to Sheamus you most likely look good unless Triple H is making such comparison. Well, no surprises there, Sheamus is horrible on the mic, and Show did a good job for his standards, indeed.
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