Summerslam Anyone else disappointed with SummerSlam?

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  1. Despite the card obviously not being finished yet, this is looking underwhelming, albeit with a top main-event. We've already seen Reigns/Orton, Ambrose/Rollins, Wyatt/Jericho, Sheamus/Miz, AJ/Paige in one form or another over the last few weeks. Brie/Steph is going to be just terrible. SummerSlam is meant to be the 2nd biggest show of the year, but is suffering from a lack of new matches.
  2. I'm not. Cena vs Lesnar, Ambrose vs Rollins will be good matches. It won't be Sheamus/Miz I think it's gonna be Dolph vs Miz. Then Brie vs Steph I won't mind, and are they still going with HHH vs Reigns? I've heard they may do Orton vs Kane, which will be decent I guess. I don't think it'll be that bad.
  3. Sheamus & Miz are doing the unification match apparently. Hunter vs. Reigns is being saved for NoC, and I doubt Kane will be on the card.

    Dunno, just would like to see some new, fresh upper mid-card feuds that we haven't seen for weeks. Hopefully Rusev has a new opponent, eg Big Show.
  4. I'd say you're making the decision of whether or not it will be good too early. Give it some build over the next coming weeks, and then we'll be able to cast judgment on it. Until then, with the card ahead, it looks promising; however, I do need to see some more build in these feuds, and with what RAW showcased, it appears they're already headed in the right direction.
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  5. I'm going to be optimistic and hope tey continue with the good builds that they've started.

    I hope they keep going with the build for Ambrose Vs Rollins and we actually get to see that this time. The cynic in me can't help but think they never intended to put them against each other at Battleground, just to use for buyrates. Whilst they aren't ME, they do have a huge fanbase.
  6. Okay, we all didn't really like Battleground. It was a PPV that didn't need to exist, but looking at it from Summerslam's perspective you've gotta like how so many of these matches it gave you a taste of, but you know the wrestlers did hold back a bit. Jericho/Wyatt was pretty good at SS but you know both of them are capable of better. AJ and Paige sure as hell can do better than that match they had last month. I can't wait for Rollins and Ambrose to finally duke it out after they shoved it in our faces last month. Cena/Lesnar II is obviously money.

    Brie vs Stephanie WILL be good. Steph knows how to tell stories in the ring and that match is gonna be dependent on that and not your 2014 "ROH on PPV!" matches. It'll have a big fight feel and a satisfying payoff to a surprisingly hot angle.

    I'm still holding out hope for Reigns vs Triple H, although that's seeming more and more misguided. Orton can fuck off.
  7. Honestly, yes. I mean, Cena vs Lesnar sounds really good and the way WWE are marketing makes it sound like this collosal brawl, a real fight between two legit beasts which excites me. Their 2012 feud was the reason why I was watching every week, to be honest (I mean, Henry vs Show at Vengeance lured me in, CM Punk's title run made me stick around to check out the show but this feud made me legit excited for each week and wanting to go on the internet to find out more). The Shield and The Authority's stuff going on is a bit boring now, I'd like a bit of a twist (even if Rollins vs Ambrose will be a great match in the end). The Wyatt/Jericho stuff is now becoming Wyatt beating Jericho on each RAW.

    I'd say the Divas stuff is somewhat cool, even if Brie/Stephanie on the PPV might suck. I want to see more midcard feuds, and I'd love to see the following matches at Summerslam:
    The Wyatt Family vs Jericho and The Usos for the Tag Team titles
    Cody Rhodes vs Goldust or Rhodes Bros vs Insert heel tag team here
    Woods, Big E and Kingston vs Ryder, Sandow and Slater
    Sheamus vs Swagger vs Rusev for the US title
    The Miz vs Ziggler for the IC title
  8. Excellent point lad
  9. Hey, I'm liking the build of everything so far. Even Orton/Reigns has me more interested than it originally did. Lesnar/Cena has a big fight feel to it, just because of the aura Lesnar has right now surrounding him, and of course Cena being Cena.

    Rollins/Ambrose is one being treated like a big fight feel too, and I'm glad it is because people have been waiting for this match for a while now. They have exceptional chemistry, but I think a no DQ match would be a welcome addition to the match, unless they want to save that for NoC if the feud continues.

    Only thing up in the air is the midcard title matches. I could see a unification match happening, but after Ziggler won on Raw, that grants him a title shot, right? And after reading SD Spoilers, Bo got himself involved by attacking Ziggler after Miz interfered in their match, so maybe a 4-way could work with Sheamus, Bo, Ziggler and Miz. Or Sheamus vs. Rusev and Bo vs. Miz vs. Ziggler.

    Oh, and I hope Cesaro does something.
  10. Cena/Lesnar is all I will watch and is all I will need.
  11. I can't be disappointed by something I haven't watched yet.
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  12. I don't think it will be that bad. I am expecting a few of these feuds to go a long way in the coming weeks and resulting in a good show. Hopefully I am right but who knows for sure. I guess we will just have to watch and see!
  13. It's been a week since Battlegorund...No judging yet.
  14. The summer began, more or less, at Money In The Bank
    The reason we're seeing repeat matches is because Money In The Bank is such a great kick off for new angles
    The night after Money In The Bank delivered so the brand new feuds can be penciled in for Battleground
    Once Summerslam hits, you can work a stip match here and there. By this point, people should be emotionally invested
    By the September, the summer feuds will hit their climax before things routinely dip again for the fall
    The way I see it, buy rates should be good for September if the Summerslam stips turn into gimmick matches for September.
  15. Cena vs Lesnar for the championship and Ambrose vs Rollins is all it takes to get me excited for Summerslam. Everything else (Reigns/Orton, AJ/Paige, Miz/Ziggler/Bo, Jericho/Wyatt, maybe Rusev/Swagger and Sheamus/Cesaro?) is just icing on the cake.
  16. I'm very dissapointed, what happened to this ppv?It used to be straight up sick matches,no major pop stars performing, no stupid segments, used to be serious damn matches, all we've been seeing was 3 straight lesnar squashes, this being year 3, or a dominant Lesnar with a miracle cena win. I mean, we need some new creativity.
  17. Lesnar is a draw, let's face it. SS 02, SS 12.
  18. Correction, Lesnar is better than who they have now.
    The amazing thing about Lesnar's PPV numbers is that the only draws who exceeds his are guys in not near the shape Lesnar is in.
    I've heard reports from Stone Cold's stunt doubles that he's in excellent shape, but Austin's ego won't let him near his ring gear.
    At any rate, Lesnar is a safe bet and a gift on a silver platter.
  19. Tell you what, I ain't disappointed with SummerSlam. I'll be disappointed, no, I'll go fucking ballistic if Lesnar doesn't win the WWE-WHC at SS!
  20. Anyone else watch Stone Cold's Broken Skull Ranch??

    He looks like he is in killer shape and says he works out harder now than he ever has. I really, really wish he would give us one more run BECAUSE WE LOVE PART TIMERS!!!