Anyone else enjoy CreepyPastas?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by seabs, Sep 18, 2014.

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  1. Every knows Slenderman and Jeff The Killer but does anyone tend to enjoy some of the other stories? I enjoyed 1999 recently.

    They have that old goosebumps style of story to them.
  2. HEY SEAB!
  3. Goosebumps never made this scared brudda.
  4. Bill put the intern down before you type.

    It's a good story though ain't it?

    Who's this?
  5. Yes, very much so. Actually had to stop reading a few times because I was generally creeped out.
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  6. It goes kind of too cartoonish for me towards the end. I'd be in favour of making it a Blair Witch style movie though.
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  7. I love them.

    Here's one.

    "I heard my mother call me, I put down what I had in my hand and ran downstairs but was pulled into a closet, it was my Mother. She said 'I heard it to'"

    It's a paraphrase but yeah.
  8. I forget who wrote it but I always thought this was cool.

    "The last man on earth is laid up in his shack, suddenly there's a knock on the door. "

    Also this one," A news report was released earlier about a prison break out the most concerning escapee was a man convicted of murdering a group of teens with an axe. I hate hearing these things so I went to turn off the TV. As I walked past I noticed the man stood there staring straight at me through the French doors. I went to grab my phone to call the police then my heart sank. He wasn't leaving any footprints in the snow. "
  9. I've never bothered to read very many of them. Slenderman sounds pretty cool, though.

    Here's a video providing a short summary of some of creepypastas that sound interesting:

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  10. I've never seen a good Jeff The Killer story the concept always interested me though.
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  11. 1999 was the freakiest to me.
  12. The hand scissors bit freaked me out. It was well described so I could imagine it.
  13. Do Pokemon creepypastas count? I like those.
  14. The Lavender town one was cool.
  15. The oddest one I've ever heard.

    Once lived a man named Crayo, he had a gay friend named Aids Johnson and a prostitute locked in his freezer named Jonathan. Crayo actually posted more than 2 times a month on his forum while his gay friend stopped trying to be a hipster all while Jonathan stopped locking every thread he got his hands on, and edited posts he didn't like to get boners from them. The End.
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  16. Only one I caught interesting was the Soulsilver one. Majora's Mask one was alright, but just didn't really...feel it I suppose.
  17. Trying a bit too much.
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  18. Boring
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  19. My observations. Turned into a story.
  20. :stfu:
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