Anyone else enjoy this segment?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. Instead of the good old "let's bring up really old videos" cliché, I thought I'd post a relatively modern segment which I thoroughly enjoyed. Sure it had the legend Piper in it but hey, Riley & Miz looked golden.

    On that same night Austin put Miz and Riley over in his speech too. This is how legends should be booked.
  2. Piper is such a F**king boss on the mic!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. GOAT on the mic definitely.

    I thought no one was going to reply : alone:
  4. Your threads will never go unanswered as long as you've got me sweetie.

    also, wish they would book riley like this again or atleast give him some fucking air time. Seriously. the guys awesome. back when 'Cena'? was going to face a mystery opponent, they showed a silhouette to represent his opponent, and people thought 'dude! that looks like Riley!' and he trended on twitter. Also a couple weeks back when big show attacked him he went no 1 on twitter (only number 1 on the night?)
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  5. So true.

    And he's still over than 3/4 of the faces in WWE lmao. He has the look and can talk better than most, push him VINCE.
  6. Completely agree Riley has the potential to become one of the top faces in WWE but tbh i prefer him as a heel Riley/Miz tag team could be exactly what is needed to revive the tag team division. I would mark like hell if Riley ever won a match on Raw or Smackdown again, far too good to be jobbing on Superstars to Jinder friggin Mahal! :facepalm1:
  7. Definitely a better heel, it's easier to be a heel. It shows talent if you're able to get over as a heel AND face though. I loved his jock gimmick.
  8. I like Piper!
  9. lol I liked how Roddy said how about $5000.
  10. Piper is a gods gift. He needs to be training these fools backstage with promo work.
  11. Did i read a post that said wwe contacted loads of old wrestlers for the 1000th raw or something?

    Maybe he will make an appearance
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  12. Yeah, he probably will appear. Not sure why they're all coming to the 1000th RAW, hopefully it's not celebration #1232323 for how good WWE used to be lmao. I kid.
  13. I hope so, just recently i really enjoyed Piper and D-Bry's segment on Smackdown so looking forward to seeing him again. :yes:
  14. Another example of why everyone should question the WWE best mic of all time. Piper = boss.


    Another example of why everyone should question the WWE best mic of all time. Piper = boss.
  15. Piper is the best on the stick for sure. The segment was pretty good. Too bad that WWE booking legends correctly is rare... Roddy could train people on how to deliver promos though, that's true.
  16. It's not just the content or delivery. His recent pipers pits have made the superstars on it look so, so, so good. Which is what these real over talented legends should be doing. Not winning at Wrestlemania, cough, :rock:.
  17. Exactly, this is why i dont like when a legend like mean jean comes back, beats Del Rio and D-Bry then leaves again, why not have the heels beat you and put them over instead of making the 3 year olds happy. :otunga:
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