Anyone else let down by Batista's return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Or was I the only one? The crowd wasn't nearly as high on him as expected, especially after he made it clear he wanted the title. But maybe that speaks more for a certain other roster members overness than Batista's.

    Also am I the only one dissapointed in him returning as a face? Batista IMO is much more amusing as a heel.

    Any other thoughts on the return that you have? Feel free to vent them here.
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  2. I kinda expected a somekind of HUGE pop or something like that, but that was.. Well.. Okay I guess? But it's not Batistas fault, imo the crowd was a bit silent for the whole show.

    But yeah, I waited for a OMFG-THE-MOST-EPIC-RETURN-POP-thing and an unforgettable Raw. But it still was an ok Raw imo.
  3. I marked when his music hit and he came out but I felt like the crowd was pretty weak all night
  4. A little but not really as I didn't really expect him to do much anyway. I pretty much figured his first night back would just be him making a quick appearance (and predictably power bombing ADR) and not much else.
  5. I agree, but to be honest, I didn't expect much nor cared. I did notice his pop was fine and that DB's was better, and yes, I also prefer his work as a heel (although I can't imagine a guy making his big return as a heel, since the crowd would pop anyway). Another though is that I don't want to see the guy win the Rumble nor main event WM. Other than that it was alright.
  6. You know something sucked if Klock doesn't write a paragraph about it.
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  7. I could go either way. I wasn't exactly thrilled about his return but I wasn't really dreading it either. I did like it when he got Del Rio though.
  8. It was exactly what I expected: Batista declares he's going to win the Rumble etc, and powerbombs Del Rio. However, I was surprised he didn't close the show seen as though it was his night. I guess they didn't want to make the Rumble overly predictable.
  9. I must admit it was poorly done mainly due to Orton interfering Batista just kind of appeared. An yes he should be heel it'd rock he's a great heel but average face.
  10. Yup it was anti-climatic.
  11. Yeah, I was dying for him to return as a heel. My hope is after beating Del Rio, maybe Cena beats Orton and Batista goes heel again and gets his revenge. If he stays face then I'm not too interested.
  12. So whether Cena or Orton win one of them will have to face Lesnar or Batista. I'd kind of like to see Batista and Lesnar face each other.
  13. It was lame as fuck lmao. Orton being involved killed it, and Batista was just boring. He looked like me returning from a WWEF hiatus. Looking around like WHO'S GLAD TO FUCKING SEE ME'??? and people are like ..."eh, me.. sort of? watsup man"
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  14. Hell yeah. I barely marked.
    He should have honestly opened RAW with no introduction and shit. Also, I didn't buy his look.
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  15. It was like he came out and it was like 'yup, that's Batista" and Cole was like 'ITS BEEN 4 YEARS...!' and you go 'huh, 4 years, that's it then? well...' then he just stands there, then he barely talks and doesn't do a great job of it when he did.

  16. The spinebuster was botched to fuck and then he hit a powerbomb, not a 'Batista bomb'.
  17. Did he shave his eyebrows off or something? Because his face looked weird to me. I don't know if he has fat cheeks now or if it's the eyebrows. But his whole head just looked so strange to me, I can't even look at him like the same person. And I agree with Stopspot. Batista is much better as a heel.

    After the way he left, I'm not able to buy into him as a face.
  18. Pretty sure Cole's reaction was, "Go on twitter and hashtag Batista'sBack #Batista'sBack"
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  19. I was infintely more entertained by DK losing his mind in the LD than Batista's actual return. It was really lame.
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  20. Bunch of haters. You can all go perish. Nah, since I was extremely excited for his return (I mean extremely, I marked too hard.) it was everything I wanted. Looking at it from everyone else's perspective as non-Batista face fans, I can see why you wouldn't like it.
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