Anyone else liking the Miz more now?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 5, 2014.

  1. Now don't get me wrong, I have HATED Miz with a passion since the day he started in WWE (mostly because he parlayed from his already envy worthy stint on The Real World in my case), but this new gimmick he has going is wonderfully entertaining to me. So I've got this internal struggle going on :lol1: The Damian Mizdow stunt double definitely helps though.

    Are you guys liking Miz more or less with his new 'movie star' gimmick?

    Also, I want to see Miz and the Prince of Pretty Tyler Breeze go at it? Anyone else?
  2. admittedly I did enjoy his performance on Raw, and this week Sandow wasn't a factor in this. I hope I will change my view soon.
  3. [​IMG]

    But you already knew that :adr:
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  4. I'd be interested in seeing Tyler Breeze whoop Miz's ass.. Uhm I'd say I like this character more than what he's done in the past but it doesn't really make me like him more.. he's still a piece of carp.
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  5. I still hate The Miz. It's not his character, I like the character, but I just don't like The Miz. I don't think I can ever care what he does, because I'll always dislike him and that's probably more my fault than it is his fault. I just can't like him.
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  6. You sound like me lol
  7. Yes, I've always liked The Miz, the heel Miz.
    Babyface Miz was just meh. Heel Miz is what I wanna see him do, that kind of character... Plus, he just has a very punchable face, and with this 'Movie Star' character, you cannot help but love to hate this guy...

    In addition to this... I'd definitely be up for Breeze vs Miz. Bada bing, bada boom. Who's the prettiest face in da room? lol
  8. Worst WWE Champion ever, worst Intercontinental Champion ever, worst United States Champion ever, worst Tag Team Champion ever, worst MITB winner ever, worst Wrestlemania main eventer ever, and his "movie star" shtick is the worst gimmick on WWE television right now as well.
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  9. When seeing there was a Sheamus and Ziggler vs Cesaro and Miz tag match, it hit me that the Miz has grown to become my favorite wrestler in that match. (Obviously that's 100% WWE's doing and downright pathetic.)

    I'll happily get behind anyone with something going on now and Miz is one of like 2 guys you can say that about.
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  10. Miz over Cesaro and Ziggler?!?!?! :why:
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  11. Miz > Everyone
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  12. I never hated miz to begin with, so I guess he's entertaining enough to me at least
  13. Hollywood Miz is great, much better than old babyface Miz who we all loved... to hate. :aries2:
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    Right now, yes. :rollins: But that's all WWE's doing since they're trying to do things with the Miz (and probably has a lot to do with Sandow) while they're doing everything in their power to make Cesaro and Ziggler so hard to get behind.

    And if there's a worse thing to say about the current product than "they made me like the fucking Miz more than Cesaro or Ziggler", I don't know what it is. Because as a talent if you'd ask if I liked him better you'd get a "wtf Gohan's a black woman now?" style "OH HEYUL NO!" because... well... hell no, and you'd join in rugged Lumberjack style.
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  15. :true:
  16. I hate the shit out of Miz, and he's playing that role so well. He is the king of the bitch heels, and any emotion is better than a Damien Sandow. You know, since we have no more ADR Sandow is next on the list. :emoji_slight_frown:
  17. The only way to get people hyped for Miz's return was to hint it was The Rock or a random women. So no, I find him to be lame in the ring, ok on the mic and all round not good.
  18. Calm it down Cherry Pie.
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  19. you're not creamy white, Seamen

  20. No, I'm Melky Seamen but you can call me Creamy White.
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