Anyone else looking forward to what comes after WM more than WM itself?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Feb 20, 2012.

  1. WM, let's face it, is geared to bring back old fans who may not be watching the rest of the year and to appease what the IWC collectively tends to call 'casual' fans. The build this year has thus far been atrocious, and I myself don't see that much potential in the card itself as it stands now. Punk/Jericho sounded great a month ago, but after what's transpired since Jericho's return it's raped my interest. Jericho doesn't have a snow ball chance in hell of winning the match, and having predictable outcomes kills matches in my book. Cena/Rock... the video package feud of the century. The Rock is a busy guy, sure, we all understand it, but if he was committed to by WWE a year in advance to ME WM, you'd think he could commit himself to do more than 2 live shows before the fucking thing. The crowd will be hot ala Hogan/Rock, but the match itself will probably be lackluster. The allure of a possible Cena heel turn went up in smoke last night, and honestly at this point I don't care who wins the damn match. HHH/Taker part III, oh well. I'm tired of WWE having to dust off the old guys for Wrestlemania season to sell their biggest PPV because they fail to create new stars throughout the rest of the year. Granted, they made Punk into what appears to be a megastar, or at least a potential one, but this is a clear exception to the rule, not the rule. The WHC title match will feel like an afterthought, and while both guys have a ton of potential, neither feels like a big star at this point in their respective careers. So yea, IMO unless things pick up exponentially over the next 6 weeks, which could happen but seems unlikely from where I'm sitting, it's going to be HHH/Taker, Cena/Rock, and a bunch of afterthoughts, including the title matches

    But on to my point, it seems like the last couple of years WWE has thrown fans like myself who are sick of the redundant status quo a bone in the months following WM. 2010 we wound up with the angle of the year with Nexus and the greatness that was the mastermind heel Wade Barrett. 2011 we were treated to the angle of the year that was the uncertainty surrounding Punk's contract situation and turned into the summer of Punk and the feud of the year with Punk/Cena.

    So who else is looking forward to what WWE has up their sleeve after all of the Wrestlemania hoopla more than Mania itself?
  2. I'm looking forward to what they will book for Extreme Rules because I want it to be a good card that I'm going to go watch in Chicago.

    I got 156 dollar tickets EACH so it has to be good matches.
  3. I'm looking forward to the Summer a great deal, as you say they seem to pull an ace out of their sleeve but I can't help but be excited for Mania. The card could involve Khali vs Big Show in a 2 hour iron man match and I'd still watch.
  4. WM can't help but be disappointing to me. Last year I was really excited for it and it was a huge disappointment. If I expect the worst, I can be pleasantly surprised. If I expect good things, I most likely will only be disappointed when it doesn't meet my expectations
  5. Shit no.

    Remember last years post-Mania experience? Extreme Rules, Capitol Punishment, Over The Limit? No major story lines until the CM Punk episode.

    Hopefully they'll pull a massive swerve at WrestleMania but I doubt it.

    I also might be a bit biased 'siderin I'm at Mania this year.
  6. Happy they brought back the MITB match back.
    Wrestlemania has been lame since WM24 excluding the streak matches after on.
    The Rock Vs. Cena is going to go onto Summerslam or Wrestlemania 29.
    It depends whether if the "Best in the Worlds" could get me interested again in the next 6 weeks.
    Bryan Vs. Sheamus can be a great match if done right, maybe add a stipulation to make it better.

    But it all depends on the build-up towards Wrestlemania. If they fail, I hope it gets better on after.
  7. I'll never not be excited for WM, and this year I'm really drawn in by Rock/Cena. Even if there isn't a heel turn, I do believe some sort of change will happen. If Cena does go over Rock cleanly and "Rises above hate" then WWE will lose a lot of fans. So I see something happening, a character change perhaps.

    Maybe Kane losing and looking like crap last night against Super Cena could be a bigger hint of a heel turn than Cena actually looking angry etc. He goes in there as strong as he can be, goes over some super monster Kane, but struggles to beat Rock so goes to desperate measures to win? Who knows.

    HHH/Taker will be where I'll be posting on here the most. For the first time in YEARS, I'm completely uninterested in an Undertaker match, solely because of the holy :shovel: himself, HHH.
  8. If you think about it Crayo, the only competition The Undertaker would have is Orton, Cena and Triple H.
    I would rather have Taker Vs. Orton II than Taker Vs. HHH III.

    Also If Cena turns heel and win, they might keep watching.
    But than the obvious The Rock Vs. Cena rematch at Summerslam or WM29.
  9. I hate this argument that Undertaker has no competition. 2 months of solid booking could make the jokes of WWE legitimate contenders for Taker. Mark Henry in his heel prime last year, would have been perfect if he continued his character until WM, he was a nobody face before that, remember?

    Randy Orton isn't a bad choice though. The match would be good, the reactions would be good (mega face vs mega face) and it's unique. Fuq HHH.
  10. Mark Henry looked like a good contender, but the match would be boring.
    Especially to go 20-0 on Henry.
  11. Taker already beat Henry @ Wm unless I'm mistaking
  12. Was using him as an example of good booking and how quickly someone could become a legitimate contender. Doesn't need to be an egotistical big nosed HHH to face him. If it's the grand total of 20-0 that worries you, then they should have made it so Taker skips this years WM and faces Cena next year.
  13. I wish Taker would just retire and take his anticlimactic streak with him
  14. I love the streak, but hope that Taker respects God's wishes and waits for Rock and Cena to be available next year. It would be a lot more interesting.

    I'm looking forward to WM only for Money in the Bank. You heard it here first: Santino Marella wins it.

    But the biggest part of the year is the "big summer storyline" we always get. Last 2 years, the Nexus and CM Punk stole headlines everywhere. Can't wait to see what they do this year (before they screw it up)
  15. Doubt we'll get anything worth the hype this year. Nexus was amazing.
  16. So true. Nexus and Summer of Punk were fun rides, but the end game left a lot to be desired, especially the Nexus shit which really sucked in the end and could have been so much more
  17. But it'll be a lot of fun to talk about what could have been. Again.

  18. Obviously its geared to bring back the old fans and rightly so. U can talk as much about new talents as u want, but that doesnt work. WWE have hit 4 rating only around 3 times around the time when they were looking to build new stars with the likes of Miz and Morrison and Kennedy and MVP and etc. It even sunk down to 2 at times. While hitting the 4 rating used to be a common thing in the attitude era and even at the start of WWE at the Ruthless Aggression era, it seems like a distant memory now, so wwe is trying to get its rating up by bring back the old stars.
    They finally realized that wrestlers like Miz Ziggler etc arent ready for being main eventers yet.
  19. Yeah, he's right... Look at TNA, who can't buy ratings right now since they don't have crap like Sting vs RVD in main-event spots. Is there anything either company can do to get ratings with stars that aren't washed up?

    Dolph, I'll like your post when the likes are re-instated. Mania may be good this year, but we're so sick of the status quo that it's so difficult to care about 'Mania. Jericho is a lock to win though, what will they do at ER if Punk retains? Throw ADR at him again?

  20. I dont quite get u. What exactly do u mean by "Washed up"? Seems like the new generation of wrestlers are getting "Washed up" too early. Rock is actually just 39. In the previous eras wrestlers even used to debut at their 30s.
    The new era got everything wrong. Nowadays we got people thinking that all the time wwe has to bet hinking of nurturing young talents. Thats not how this business works. Thats not how this business worked either.
    RVD and Sting still got much more to give than some of the so called young talents like The Hart Dynasty, miz, evan bourne etc.
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